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Hello...I am VERY new to caring for betta fish. I have one betta that I have been keeping in a 1 gallon bowl doing frequent water changes. I have always used Spring water but I am wanting to switch for tap water bc of cost and ease. I did purchase an API master test kit and Seachem Prime water conditioner. I followed the directions on the bottle and added 2 drops of Prime to my 1 gallon of tap water. I tested the water to see what the ammonia level was reading (bc I wanted to make sure the water was safe before plopping my fish in the changed water). The ammonia level read 2.0ppm!! So I thought this was somehow off so I added more Prime (actually up to 10 drops testing after every 2 drops) with no change.

So I decided to test my tap water WITHOUT water conditioner. My water tested 4.0ppm straight from the tap!!! Is this normal?? I called my water company and they directed me to the water lab who told me they only add .22ppm of ammonia to the water. So why is mine testing so high? And I am guessing this is not safe to use my aquarium at this time since I can’t get the ammonia level below 2.0ppm even with Prime. I have no idea what to do and I would appreciate any help/suggestions on this matter.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • athena: you may have to dilute it with spring or ro water but I would post this as a forum post under either freshwater fish questions or general freshwater questions and see if someone with more experience can answer it. Where do you live? 4ppm is very high..not sure if it is even safe to drink!!!
  • akyrissler: Thank you Athena...I reposted this in the General freshwater area. to this site and wasn’t sure where to post. I appreciate the help :)

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