how do I know when my balloon belly Molly is done giving bir...

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how do I know when my balloon belly Molly is done giving birth

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Fish can take up to 24 hours to give birth. I have lots of fry, but have never witnessed a live birthing so I can't tell for sure. Plus I don't have balloon mollies. I do have platies and mollies though!

From what I've seen on youtube videos, live births happen rapidly. If she hasn't popped a baby out in a few hours, I'd say she's done for now.

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if you look closely in the breeder trap you will see tiny little pin heads, that is your baby fish. Don't leave them into your aquarium till they have grown and feed them live brine shrimp in the meantime. If you have not used a breeder trap them you don't have baby fish because the other fish including the mother would have ate them. Hope that helps Ross

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