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How do you know when a neon tetra is pregnant or any other type of fish?

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All I know is about live-bearers and when they are pregnant, they get a big belly and you can see, behind the anal fin, a "gravid spot" which is a dark spot. Also, there is what's known as "squaring off" where they were once round (near the anal fin), they now have a sharper angle.

I don't know if it's like this for all fish, but I know that's how it is for platies, mollies, guppies and any other live-bearer.

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Neon tetras don't get pregnant, they spawn eggs, so it may be a big belly with eggs, or it could be food or it could be neon tetra disease.

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Tetras lay eggs.
look really close for scales lifted off the fish (just look for the signs of dropsy) if none are there then she might be holding eggs.
Neon Tetras are often very hard to breed without purposefully trying. Not impossible, but not common for them to get pregnant by accident. Also, you need extremely soft, acidic water for them as well...around a pH of 5-6. The neon could be constipated as well. Keep an eye on it, or try feeding it some peas (nuked in the microwave for a few seconds, just the meat portion) to make them poop more.
And peal the peas before feeding.

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You dont until you see a small lump underneeth them

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A dark spot near their body, and their belling swelling around the bottom.

1 year ago#7

What do you mean by swelling?(:

1 year ago#8
john macatol

males and females must be separated so that the feminin
could get a bigger belly
an males could expand there load
for about 1 month its ready for breeding with screen with small holes because the process of breeding this fish are like danios

and add me on fb chat on me <email>

1 year ago#9
john macatol

today is my 2nd time of breeding tetras and i have over 700 eggs per small aquarium remember to breed tetras analize them and separate the males and females so that
you could see the difference females got a bigger bellies and males was like natural....

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Hi I have 4 neon tetra's in my tank and wonder if they are pregnant as I has a big belly and it has lost its blue stripe so could you hep me ???

7 months ago#11

The reason why your neon lost its blueish color is that of:
The time you lost the belly size tummy.
Its because it already release its eggs...

1 month ago#12

The first sign your fish is pregnant, is she will gain some noticeable mass. Then your mommy fish will begin to show a dark red/black spot that will appear towards where the fish defecates. I was told with guppies and other live bearing fish, this gravid spot is actually the eyes of the fry (baby fish).

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