How feasible it is to breed a Red dragon male and a King kamfa female? Just...

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How feasible it is to breed a Red dragon male and a King kamfa female?
Just wanted to know whether two different breed pair up easily.
I also have a pair of Red dragons and they did pair up well.
Right now I am having a kamfa female who is laying eggs. Will it be a good idea to bring a male kamfa for her or a red dragon?

Any suggestion is valuable.


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It would be best to bring the Kamfa male to her,because if you bring the male red dragon the Kamfa will get aggressive because she is protecting her babys. and that will lead to a fight.

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Though many people try out cross breeding to bring out newer line of FH, but i suggest get a King Kamfa male.
Also if the female is already laying eggs it is not the right time to introduce the male.
As the female will get aggressive.

And its not easy to pair up two adult FH.

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Naveen Gowda

Brother , introduce a Kamalua male or any Pearly male to the king kamfa female , ul get 30-40 king kamfas , Dont waste ur time and money on king kamfa male because 99% of King Kamfas are infertile

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Naveen , this is a 3yr old thread, please check the dates before answering.

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