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I new to blog writing and I wanted to think of an interesting idea to post. So my idea is that almost like a dog or cat you can bond with your fish. So sit back and relax and listen to my blog...

I have three angelfish and a Chinese algae eater.

Even though their are probably reasonable scientific explanations to the way fish act. I like to think of them as having their own little personality. Out of the three angel fish I have the smallest one is the one that gets picked on by one of the bigger fish. And even though the algae eater picks on all the other fish he seems to leave that one alone. Like he knows he’s picked on the most.

The middle angelfish is probably a male for he is very territorial. He is the one that picks on the little one. He seems like he has little man syndrome. Because the biggest angel is a female. He is almost like he is trying to live up to being the only male in the tank. And he tries desperately to be the tough guy.

The biggest angel is probably a female. She has a feud with the algae eater it seems. They are going at it a lot. But she never touches the angelfish. She seems like she is pretty nice.

This blog may sound cheesy to you. But the way gouramis feel around with they’re feelers or the way tetras dart across the tank. Just makes fish all the more interesting and creating a story behind them is what makes the hobby worthwhile. Just like you know a dog is good with kids or a cat never bit his owner. You can tell by the way fish act what their nature is. I’m sure I’m not the only one that will just sit and look at their tank and watch their fish. But it is fun to see your little part of a river or lake or ocean. Swim around and live their little tiny lives. And how much more important it is that we don’t use fish for decorative uses. Like cramming one in a bowl and putting it on your kitchen counter. But realize that in a box we are holding a piece of nature that is fully dependent on you to take care of. And I think that finding personalities in your fish makes you care enough to take care of them the way they should be taken care of.

20060211_treo650_051Creative Commons License courtesy of nycbone

These are not my fish just a picture I found.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • johnarthur: I enjoyed reading your blog.
  • Sigi: It’s nice. I’m sure a lot of people feel their fish have their own personality.
  • LWTBP: I enjoyed reading your blog-post too. You have an excellent way of using metaphors (like mention of little rivers, etc). On the other hand, you have a lot to work on your grammar and spelling.
    And NO, you’re not the only one who keeps staring at their fish whole day long. :D Keep it up!

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