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How long can fish live in a bag, just got new tank and added conditioner

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Your fish most likely won't last in the bag for a night.

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Usually the bag tells you that you need to get them out of the bag within a certain amount of time. I used an ice cream bucket til I could get a tank. I know that you are suppose to wait a month while the tank is cycling before you are to get a fish but google "cycle with fish in tank". It is possible but many here don't recommend it. I did what you did, got my fish and then the tank, filled it with conditioned water, and placed my fish in there. I kept a close watch oover the fish to make sure they were doing fine. Next I would buy water tester to test your parameters of the water (ammonia, nitrates, nitrite, ph.) many recommend API water tester, not the 5-1 strip tester but if you are on a budget then buy the strips so that you have a rough estimate of your water parameters. Again I did that. I may be doing everything "wrong" but I am trying to keep what I have going by doing my water testing every day and partial water changes at least 2x a week if not every day.

Do you have a filter? What kind of fish do you have? does it need a heater? Let us know how things go for you and your new fish. And ask if you have any questions. we are here to help!

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Hi Guest, If you have an uncycled tank it can be pretty rough on a fish.. If you are not ready to have the fish, which it doesnt sound like you are, many pet stores will take your fish back until your tank completes its nitrogen cycle. If you want to prepare for that try reading NITROGEN CYCLE FOR BEGINNERS.... type it into the search bar at top right corner of page. I hope you do return your fish. Do the reading and come back on with more info so we can assist you. Tank size, type of fish, tank cycling stage etc. You will also need a water test kit to check the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels etc. Hope this helped!

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