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How much time hen does the young one take to hatch out from the egg

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Are you talking about chickens? If so then this is a fish site.
If you are asking about fish then please rephrase your question..

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Most egg laying fish don't actually hatch like a chicken or reptile. For example, a fertilized angelfish egg will start showing movement in a couple of days. A couple more days later, a black dot will appear on one side of the egg, and a small stick will poke out the other side. A very small fish then starts to grow and is nourished only by the yolk sac, or remaining part of the egg.

Once the yolk sac is consumed, free swimming angelfish fry will take newly hatched brine shrimp and powdered foods. Weeks later, they start growing true fins and resembling fish rather than aquatic bugs or larvae.

The time for eggs to mature into fry is different for different species.

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