How To Make Your Own Coconut Cave

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I went to my lfs one time and they had one of these things for sale in the plant section and they wanted $15 for it! I thought, no way, I’m going to make my own. In this blog, I’m gonna teach you how to make your own! The whole project will cost about $4, at least for me it did.

Materials needed:

  • A coconut (NOTE: one will make two)
  • A drill
  • A hand saw
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A pot to boil them in
  • A dremel tool
  • A hammer
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Java fern
  • Java moss, or Taiwan moss

Steps to making it:

1. Purchase a coconut at your grocery store.

2. Wash the dust off of it.

3. Drill a hole in the top of the coconut and drain the milk from it.

5. Cut the coconut in half with the saw.

4. Optional: Drill two more holes in the top for when you attach the java fern.

6. Chisel out the meat with the flat head screwdriver and the hammer.

7. Get the dremel tool and make an arch in the wood to make a cave entrance.

8. Boil these for 15 min each, until the water runs clear. You may have to boil more than once.

9. Get the fishing line and tie the moss and java fern through the holes.

10. Place in your aquarium.

11. Done!


Hope you enjoy your new cave!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • amneris3: Definitely going to give this a try.
  • ZachAttack: Yay, you will enjoy them so much!
  • Snarggle: Could you leave the flesh on for the cridders to eat?
  • ZachAttack:

    I wouldn’t, only because the meat is full of oils and it may pollute your water.

  • thea: Hey Zachary. You should include some pictures of the finished product so we can see how creative you are and be jealous. No seriously. Would love to see what they look like.
  • ZachAttack: I was going to put one on yesterday, but got caught up in a lot of business.
    Posting one now!
  • ZachAttack: Never posted the pic, its on now.
  • Shocker: That looks awesome!
  • ZachAttack: Thanks!
  • Bonnietaylor: I love this idea, my Betta’s love caves and these would be perfect. Thanks
  • ZachAttack: Thank you Bonnietaylor!
  • Paul888: That’s cool, im going to get on that one for sure!
  • ZachAttack: Thank you!
  • Paul888: Ive been boiling coconuts for about half a day ( not at work I promise :-D ) an the water is still brown, any ideas?
  • Paul888: And to be more specific ive done about five 100% wcs on the coconut pan lol
  • Snarggle: Now you need to add a small sponge of figure in there... I have two of the shells ima try anubis with...since pet smart is selling the tiny Anubis...
  • Rosiepose: Hi Zach
    Thanks for great info on how to make a coconut cave, my son and I made on for our tank and we were really pleased with it. We did have to boil it a few times but then it was ok.
    Just wanted to say thanks as the ones in the fish shop are so expensive that’s why we thought we would make our own and your step by step guide was great.
  • debcc: Very cool!
  • ethanFish: Cool blog! I have some coconut shell left over from a trip I took to Hawaii. Will this work?
  • Rosiepose: I guess it would as long as you followed the procedure in the blog? I don’t know if you have to make it as soon as you get the coconut. Maybe you could message ZachAttack and ask him. Hope it turns out ok :)
  • ethanFish: Thank you!
  • Rosiepose: Good luck! Its fun to make :)
  • blackmoor193: im gng to buy coconut now and wanna try this!!
  • debcc: And the fun part is, you get to eat part of your project!!!
  • johnarthur: Somehow I missed this blog, but it looks like a great project. Thaks
  • Rosiepose: Me and Jack loved making it, and yes, was nice to have a project where you can eat some of it too ha ha!
  • blackmoor193: @yes it is a fun part lol
  • blackmoor193: @debcc:yes it is a fun part lol
  • Zach: Sorry for not getting back it you guys.
    @ethanfish: I am not sure if it’ll work or not, I have only tried the one in the picture.
    Thanks to everyone else for their compliments!
  • nazira03: Good idea! I will be making this once I get my hands on a coconut!
  • amol kumar: I have tried it earlier and it’s best and easiest way to save money......... lol
  • Joe H: Love coconut huts have several in my tanks my plecos love them.
    One of mine had a crack to where the bottom half created more of an overhang so I put it in anyways and fish love to hang out under the overhang too
  • Goldfish Luver: Love the idea! Can goldfish use it? I don’t think they can... Mine is really big! ( not too big though! )
  • Ava Lynch: definitely going to try this i for my new 10 gallon tank
  • Bettaboy5: Could it fit in a 1gallon tank?
  • AquaPlays: You can try and get a small coconut for a 1g
    What do you have in a 1g?
  • Bettaboy5: a betta fish
  • Aquanick: Won’t the coconut shell decompose in the water after some time? Or is there a way to preserve the shell?
  • Katrina: This looks great!!
    Actually, so does your tank! The coconut does not even look underwater!
    I have used airline hose to make loops for my betta to swim through. He loved it!
    He has graduated to playing directly in my hand and swimming through my fingers.
    I bring a loop into the tank, he swims past it and through my fingers instead!
    Love your posts!
  • Bettaboy5: I am so sad. My beta died because my baby sister way overfed it. ( she dumped the whole can in). Any ideas on how to kid proof my tank?

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