I have a brown algae like stuff growing on my live plants sa...

I have a brown algae like stuff growing on my live plants sand and rocks and just read the forum on how to solve it, a few people mentioned mts will eat it and wanted to know what mts was? Any advice?

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5 years ago #2
Phil Saint
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MTS stands for malaysian trumpet snails. I have these in every planted aquarium i set up, they are IMO brilliant!

They generally stay in you substrate during the day but after lights out the emerge and quite literally eat any algae they can find. They can reproduce very fast but iv never really had a problem with them as i keep my aquariums quite clean (weekly water changes, remove uneaten ect)

From my experience they are great at removing algae from plants without harming them. In fact the only time they will snack on plants is to eat any dead or dying parts of the plants which actually helps the plants out. They also do a great job of keeping your substrate airated and clean,as they are constantly burrowing around. They also do a great job on the aquarium glass.

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They are caused in newly setup tanks due to excessive silicates or low light.it wil go after sometime

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I haven't found a snail yet that will eat brown diatoms. If it keeps popping up in a freshwater aquarium, it's most likely caused from your water source.

3 years ago #5

Otto cats are also great algae eater, they don't. Get very big, so they can get to a lot of places other cant. Also great at eating off the plants without harming them

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