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i have fry guppies and mollies mix together in the breeding net. before weeks ago i suffered from water problem the adult guppies started to die every single day . it is told that they don't have oxygen enough and the water have ammonia in it .so i did water changes 3 days and vacuum all the poop . then i asked the man in the pet shop he said that i feed too much, he said must feed them every 2 days only so the food will not pollute the water . Does that mean that the fry must feed them every 2 days. i will feed them every other day is it ok?

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In order to grow properly, fry need to be fed very small amounts 3-4 times a day.

If you feed small amounts even to the adults, making sure little food falls to the bottom, it is fine to feed them everyday.

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No matter how often you feed the fish, try to feed no more than they actually eat in a couple of minutes. Use a turkey baster or small syphon to remove accumulations of uneaten food, and change about 25 percent of the water every week.

The breeding net may be unnecessary if you float a large raft of hornwort. It will provide shelter and a few microorganisms for the fry to eat, and the fast growing plant will improve water quality.

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