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I put 2 female platys in a breeding container and was gone for a week. My son fed them...(I'm home, he's gone)and I see lots of slimy, clear spiracle like projections surrounding orange in the lower breeding tank...not moving.
Do I have slime on orange flake food or do I have still born platys. There are lots of these. I have released the moms and some of the slimy orange ? got out. It clung to plastic greenery and moved by the flow of the filter water. This morning it is gone. I guess eaten by the 8 platys in the tank. I don't know if I have fry or not. This was my first attempt to separate female platys when they were fat...they are not as fat now. I don't know what to do.

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If you float a raft of bushy plants, you will not need to remove the females from the community aquarium. Quite often, moving stress is enough to make them drop fry prematurely. When this happens, the fry usually have not consumed their yolk sac. This makes them unable to swim, and they usually drown.

What you saw could have been a fungus attacking the dead fry. Uneaten food will also grow a fungus. To avoid that sort of problem or any water quality issues, try to feed no more than the fish actually eat in two or three minutes. Also change about 25 percent of the water every week, and syphon any debris off the substrate surface.

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So far I have had quite a bit of success letting guppies breed in the main tank. I have several plants for them to hide in but nothing like I should have. Fish seem to really like eating anything that is tiny and moves. But even the fish in the tank can't eat the 50 fry from a successful drop so you will end up with some fry. As soon as I see the fry I start scooping them out and putting them in new tanks. This will probably work well for any beginning breeder.

It is important to keep your water quality good during breeding no ammonia or nitrites.

My next goal is to move each female to their drop tank before they give birth so I can trace which fry came from which mother. This way I can breed half sisters and half brothers rather than brother and sister or create a couple lines and breed cousins. This way I will be able to avoid to much inbreeding.

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