ich n fungus treatment

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can any one tells wt is the most effective medicine over ich n fungus in aquarium fish.i got aquarium shop.because i deal in bulk quantity.

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tetra anti ich is good and so is the nutrafin alternative.i think seachem also makes an ich treatment but im not too sure about that

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can u tell me some medicin like teramicin etc

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I use garlic extreme (a kent marine product), temporary higher temperature, less light, and more frequent water changes when my fish are sick with visible parasites. These are all natural things and very effective

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Some of the antibiotics and other serious medications can kill the beneficial bacteria that make the nitrogen cycle work. Rod has a good approach. In fact, garlic fortified flake food is available at least on line.

In my experience, a healthy aquarium environment with good water quality is much more effective than medications. Water quality depends on regular, partial water changes and the avoidance of over feeding, over crowding and compatibility issues. I say this based on sad experience.

In the 1950s, aquarists didn't know about the nitrogen cycle, and pet shops never mentioned compatibility issues. If a fish looks nice, go ahead and dump it into your aquarium along with all the other fish that once looked nice. When fish get sick, pour in a bunch of meds. More is better, and there's a med for everything; of course they may not actually work and they may or may not have unwanted side effects. The primary effects on most of my aquariums were more disease, cloudy water and dead fish. Finally it became apparent that the nice folks at the aquarium shops were either ill informed or not well intentioned. The same may even be true at some few shops today.

That experience, though many decades old, tends to give one a strong bias against the use of medications in aquariums. It's possible to keep aquariums for years, never medicate and never have a disease or parasite outbreak.

Sorry about the rant. That will be two cents, please.

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