Male Betta floating sideways for 3 weeks! Help!

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My child's betta has been floating on it's side and cannot go down. He has been this way for 3 weeks now and I don't kniw what to do. His back end is distended too. I fasted him for 3 days, then fed him a shelled, cooked, mashed pea. He is still hungry and gets all fired up when you approach the tank. Any advice on what to try next? Thanks in advance for your reply.

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He has swim bladder disease. In some fish it is so severe that treatment won't help. He'll either pass away or live on his side for a long time. Sorry I couldn't give you better news.

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all i can say is that dont sound good at ALL!

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just keep on feeding him pea, hopefully the pea will take effect, If it doesnt, it was to late.

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My goldfish had a problem with his swim bladder and he lived for 4 years. Take out the carbon filter and give the fish ich treatment in a bottle according to the directions. This can help balance his system. It really helped my goldfish. I also fed him a medicated food by a brand called jungle. It's just called "anti-bacteria medicated fish food". I get it at petsmart but its always hard to find there because it hangs instead of sitting on the shelf with other food. He would go weeks without turning sideways once I started feeding him this food. Hope I helped!

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Are you sure his water is clean? Ammonia and nitrites can be present in water and it can look crystal clear. Any amount of these substances are toxic to fish.

Do you use water conditioner? This removes chlorine and chloramine in tap water and is also not optional.

What size tank is he in?

Either of these things can make fish swim funny and can lower their immune system so that they are suseptible to other diseases.

Any time a fish is acting funny, checking water paramaters should be the first step.

The water temperature should be between 76-82 F, the Ph should not be changing, Ammonia and nitrites should be at 0 and no more, nitrates should be under 20ppm. If you do not have a test kit then you can get your water tested by bringing in a sample to most pet stores. They will test it for free. Get a number, do not let them tell you all is "fine"

I would suggest you change 20% of his water if you have not done this recently. Add back the same amount of water, conditioned and within one degree of the temperature of the tank.

See if this perks him up.

No amount of medicine will help him if his water is not pristine and medication can harm him if it is not.

Remove any food that sits in the tank uneaten for more than 3 minutes, and all waste that you can see.

If you come back with this information perhaps we can come up with a plan...

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Good luck Hun that is so sad

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