Mass Murder Day 7 .-.

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So my catfish did a mass murder.

Killed ALOT of my fish. So I had to rehome him. he is now in a nice 125 gallon tank at someones house.

so here is a new list of what I have.

  • 5 Black skirt tetra
  • 2 Dwarf Gourami
  • dinosaur eel
  • peacock eel
  • kissing gourmi
  • angelicus botia.

Sad to say that my 20 gallon got cloudy because of him.

So now I have to CLEAN it and get everything under control. RIGHT when it was doing perfect in levels for like an entire week! UGHS!

well wish me luck. Off to “start” again. getting new filter pads and ****.


So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • thea: I hope you get this. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR FILTER PADS. That is where most of your beneficial bacteria lives. If you do you will have a ammonia spike. If you need to clean them the best thing to do is to rinse them gently in old tank water. The rest of your beneficial bacteria live in your gravel so do not clean that too thoroughly either–you can deep vacuum upto 30% no more without endangering your cycle).
    If you have already removed your filter floss, so long as it has not dried up, the bacteria is still alive and you can put it back in. I wrote you a Pm too. Hopefully one of these messages will get to you.
    Are you sure it was the catfish and not one of the gouramis that killed your fish? Some gouramis can get aggressive. Especially kissing gouramis.
  • thea: Are they in your 20gallon? Close quarters breeds aggression even from fish that are not usually aggressive. That is a lot of fish for that tank if it is your 20 gallon. No wonder you had mass murder. I still would look more carefully at your gouramis.
  • LittlePeacockeel: I didnt change my filter pads. Im not that silly. And I saw the catfish do the murder. So I know it was him. My Gouramis is peaceful and she doesnt have a mean bone so far lol. I just have 5 black skirt tetra and 1 kissing gouramis, along with 3 dwarf gouramis. My tank is complete (yet again) Everyone is living happily. and I did research to know what to do with over crouding. I have 3 - not 2 Filters 1 Fluval U3, 1 Fluval HC 40-55 Gallons, 1 Fluval 10-20 gallon. I am really religious on cleaning. My water is crystal clear with perfect water. (I check weekly)
  • thea:

    I’m glad you did not change your pads. Can’t blame me for panicking when your last line reads “off to start again. get new filter pads...” LOL Sounds like you have everything under control. I can’t tell you how many people we see who think they are doing their fish a favor and “cleaning their dirty filters” . Gouramis as you know are hit and miss. Its great that you have peaceful ones–I know people who have had their kissing gouramis wreak havok in their tanks so I wanted to check. When you have the time, I would love to see pictures of your tank. What kind of catfish was the fiend??

  • LittlePeacockeel: The catfish was an Albino Cannal Catfish. Evil little monkey.
    As for pictures I will try to put one up. (not quite sure how too)

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