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I have had a 75 gallon aquarium for 3 years and started out with 7 goldfish.(4 oranda's and 3 faintails) I got them small and also 3 brushy nose pleco's for clean up. Everything has been fine until about 3 months ago when I noticed white fuzzy stuff. It was attached to a couple of wood pieces so I removed them but left a couple of other ornaments in as they didn't show any signs of the problem. I change the tank every month and have bubblers and (2) 350 magnums which I change monthly as well. I have done several changes and cleaned the filters also, put the fish on an antibiotic regeme but tonite I see that I have more fuzz on the ornaments I left in. I have lost 2 fish already and they had red streaks in their fins. I have had aquariums of different sizes for many years and had tropicals and goldfish without any problems. I'm completely stumped.

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Hi Tori and welcome to MAC,

You have a series of problems and not all of them are so easy to identify/define, however IMO this is what may be going on.

1) The red streaks in the fins;
This is usually cause by poor water quality and you need to look at your ammonia, nitrIte and nitrAte levels...when these are balanced this problem should resolve itself.

1a) You have poor water quality due to overcrowding. This overcrowding has come about because you have fish that get very big and they are VERY messy fish. Goldfish and plecos are very big waste producers, waste in fish is not only feces but it also includes the fact that fish breath out ammonia every minute of the day.
N.B. Plecos are tropical fish and should NOT be kept with temperate goldfish...this is not a healthy mix of fish.


2) THE FUNGUS/FUZZ I have to ask you, when did you introduce the wood?
Wood can contain sap and this contains sugars which will grow fungus, but for this to extend to other ornaments is strange...could you describe the size of this fuzz? Is it small dots or is it largish (say about the size of a US dime?) or could you post a pic?

3) While you have started an antibiotic treatment this might not be the best thing to do. Antibiotics can disrupt your cycle by killing all the good bacteria in you aquarium (but the bad bacteria too). Still, since you have done this and the streaks remain we can rule out bacterial infection and we should look to your water quality for causes of this redness.
I recommend that you stop the antibacterial treatment for now.

4) Never change too much of your aquarium's filter or water or
gravel or over clean at any one time. You need to keep good levels of live bacteria in your aquarium at ALL times...over cleaning will stop this.

In summing this situation up, I would say that you are a victim of your own success. You have kept these fish sooo long that they are out growing their home. There are several ways to fix this and the least labour intensive way (we all want that...or do we???) is to lower your stock levels and make sure you are doing frequent partial water changes..of the right amount (say 20-30%).

I hope this response makes sense to you and if you need to ask more questions please feel free to ask.

Regards Steven


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