My Beginner Fish Experience

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Okay, so I’ve never done a blog before and have not idea what to put so I guess I will just start from the beginning in how I got started.

Last year my brother got a little plastic fish bowl with 5 goldfish in it as a Christmas gift from one of my cousins along with a gift card. It was a funny gift and he took good care of it. But one by one they died off until there was only one, he named it “Phish.” Why? I have no idea. It was really sad and lonely and wouldn’t move much, only stay at the bottom most of the time. But it ate and everything, so I guess it was just depressed. My mom and I would look after her (I think it was a her) when he went to school and work. Anyways, in January my brother moved out. But he couldn’t take Phish with him so he gave her to me.

I took care if it in it’s little bowl for a while and I thought “It’s too small!” So after a little research I went to Walmart and bought a 3 gallon Hawkeye 360 Aquarium, along with some plants and gravel. I cycled it for a few days, at least what I thought cycling was at the time, which was just letting it sit for 2 days; then I put Phish in. She seemed to like it, moved around a lot more, but she still seemed lonely. So I went out and bought 4 guppies - I think they were all female - and I named them Scarlet, Zoey, Dottie and Phoebe. They were all so pretty in there and I took good care of them; feeding them 2 times a day and changing the water once a week. I then noticed that Phish’s tail had been bitten off! The others had attacked it sometime during the night, so I took her out. But she went back to being all sad and mopey so I put her back in and they were all fine in there, but I kept an eye on her. Over time Phish’s tail started turning blackish and I was so scared I didn’t know what to do but I left her alone, keeping an eye on her hoping it would go away on its own and her tail would grow back. Meanwhile I did research on what it was, I think it was fin rot, I’m not sure. A few days after that, Zoey died, I was sad as it was my first fishy loss, but down the toilet she went.

Then a week later...I still can’t believe it happened. One day in March my mom and I were watching my little cousins for a few hours, both boys, ages 7 and 4. I was in the other room an the computer and my mom was on the phone, the boys running around somewhere. Next thing I know my mom was telling me that they were playing with my fish tank even though I told them not to. I immediately ran to my room and scolded them and checked my fish. They were all okay and everything was still in its place...but Phish was no where to to seen. I looked frantically inside the aquarium moved things around in case she was hiding and nothing. I then turned to the boys and asked them if they touched them, they of course said no. The older one started crying and locked himself in the bathroom for a while, yet didn’t say anything. I knew that they had done something to her. I was so **** and upset. I mean it wasn’t even my fish, it was my brother’s. I remember having to call him and tell him what happened, he was so mad. Anyway, I didn’t find out what happened until later. I had posted on facebook that something had happened to Phish and that my cousins were responsible. Turns out that my cousin, the boys mom (the boys are actually my second cousins), saw my post and questioned them. Turns out that the youngest one took Phish out and flushed her and the oldest didn’t stop him, that was why he was crying. Later that night she called me and told me that she was so sorry and that they were going to get me a new one out of the boys’ allowance. A little while after that they came over and gave me a new goldfish, one of those fancy goldfish, really pretty. Named her Miss Piggy after watching her for a while. She ate everything!

A few days after that happened, one of my guppies died, Phoebe and a week after that another one died, Scarlet. I was was so sad I only had Dottie left plus Miss Piggy and she was not doing too well. Turns out that Miss Piggy eating everything at the bottom of the tank was really bad and she got swim bladder, so I stopped feeding her for a day, but she died the very same day. I started to get a little discouraged because they kept dying on me, but I didn’t give up because a week later I went and bought 3 Neon Tetras, because that was all they had, and a beautiful blue Veiltail Betta I named Leroy. One of the Neon tetras died within an hour and Leroy was a little hostile because he took a bite out of Dottie’s tail so I removed him and put him in the old small fish bowl I had. The next day I went and bought 2 more Neon Tetras and 1 Cardinal Tetra. My tank was full again! I was so happy...but not for long.

The next morning I found 2 tetras dead and later found 2 more. Then later that night the last one was floating at the top, dead. So there went all my tetras. I was so sad that they didn’t even last a day, BUT I did find a tiny little guppy i my tank! It so made my day. I have no idea how it survived. Before, about...maybe 3 weeks before, I had thought I saw something really tiny swimming at the top of the aquarium but when I took a closer look I saw nothing. So I didn’t think anything of it and I did a full water change right before I went and got the tetras so that the tank was nice and clean. So some how, that little guppy survived and had been swimming in there, it was pretty big too. I continued to keep an eye on it and on Dottie to make sure she didn’t eat it, but the little guppy stayed out of her way. About 3 or 4 days after I found the little guppy, Dottie died unexpectedly. My last guppy was gone, I was so sad. All my hard work and now nothing, but I still had my little guppy...for about a day. It was fine one day and the next I couldn’t find it any more and after waiting for a few days for it to appear again I gave up and cleaned out the aquarium and all the plants and gravel and put it away.

The only good thing was that I still had Leroy, my betta, to keep me company in his little fish bowl. I kept him in there for a few days before buying a bigger bowl. I think it was a gallon one, the other one was a half gallon. I placed him in there and he loved it, he would swim around and look at me when I was sitting at him desk and was eating all of his food. He was fine for about 3 weeks before I noticed that his blue color was looking a little dark and his fins were sagging and shedding. I looked around and decided to get medicine, Primafix and started using it for about 2 days. It was around this time that I found this site and decided to join and learned all about the proper way to cycle and everything. And I posted about Leroy and got advice on what was wrong with Leroy. They also told me that Pimafix did not work and to stop using it so I did and did a water change. But it was too late and later that day, when I stopped using it, Leroy died.

I was so sad that all my fish had died, I obviously was not doing it right and I put everything away and gave up. At least until I did more research on how to take care of fish and then try again. Which I did! About 2 weeks after I gave up my mom’s friend gave me an old 10 gallon fish tank that she had. It had been sitting in her garage for a long time gathering dust. First thing I did was I researched the hell out of what to do on cycling and different types of fish and their needs and what to do. Then I cleaned out the tank real good with a water hose, no soap, and let it sit with water to make sure it ha no leaks. Then I set everything up, went and got myself a Freshwater Test Kit, plus a hood with a light,and a filter because it didn’t have one. I let it run over night to make sure everything was running alright and then started the fishless cycle.

And now here I am, 10 weeks later and my tank is cycled, at least that is what I got from everyone on here at myaquariumclub and I am now ready to add in fish. Right after I change my water. Still not exactly sure what fish I am going to get. will let everyone know later. So there we go, my fish story.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Madeye: Awesome!
  • Molly Bain: Cool! Take some pictures of your tank so we can see it :)
  • Phoenix: I will!

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