my beta fish is losing tail feathers why? and it has white s...

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my beta fish is losing tail feathers why? and it has white spots?

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If the white spots look almost like little pieces of salt then your fish probably has ich.
Ich is a common fish illness and, though stubborn, is pretty easy to treat. Go to your nearest walmart or petsmart/pet store and pick up a bottle of QuICK cure and follow the instructions. It's usually one drop of medicine per gallon of water.

The finnage loss could be a few things but the more common is tail rot. It's an illness that causes your fishes tail to rot. There's also mouth rot and fin rot that are really the same, just happening at different parts of the body.

I work at petsmart and recently a lady brought in a male betta with swim bladder disorder and tail rot (to the point it's moved onto it's body a little bit) I'm treating that with melafix, which is great for open wounds and fin damage. I'm not sure if you can mix the two though. They're both stubborn illnesses that can take some time to cure.
Poor water quality is often the cause for the fin rot, so I would definitly do more regular water changes or find something to balance out whatever is off with your water quality (ph, hardness etc.)

If you have it in a bowl or small container then I would clean it much more regularly then I would a small tank.

If you betta is in with other tropical fish, GET HIM OUT. You don't want your other fish getting what he has. Especially not the rot. If he is along, you can treat his tank.

Quick cure is pretty cheap, like three dollars a bottle, the melafix/bettafix is a little pricier and I don't think walmart carries that if you don't live near a petsmart. If you have a fish store in town, definitly try that also.

Hope this helps

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thanku soo much!! this has been soo helpful.

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WIll his tail grow back to what it looked like before or just stop rotting?? he usta look so elegant and now he kinda flops around like a derp = \ its sad...

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Perform a regular water change of 25% twice a week. Adding too much of meds could affect the water chemistry and stress up the fish. Is there any filter in your tank ? And hows the feeding schedule ?

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Fin/tail rot is a bacterial infection.melafix and betfix are antiseptics(not very good ones).i dont know about quick cure so i cant say anything.
Remember this,if you only treat the symptoms and not the probelem then it never goes away.the best thing to do to get rid of fin rot is to do frequent partial water changes until its gone.if its a bad case and the water changes dont seem to help then you need to start a course of antibiotics.
Salt baths in epsom salts or aquarium salt also helps alot.dont add the salt directly to the tank!

Like sarah said poor water quality is always the culprit.if your bettas water is inadequate then thaeres your probelem.

Oh i almost forgot,yes his tail will gorw back with proper treatment but it wont look the same.

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Melissa and Antonio

:woohoo. thank you so much this is my sons first fish.We are both really worried on how to take care of his fish.You were helpful.thx the aquarium salt would it just be poored into the tank?

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Fin rot and Ick. Most likely.

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