my betta cant swim he looks to be in a lot of pain I don't know what to do

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my betta cant swim he looks to be in a lot of pain I don't know what to do

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ok well first off, is he moving at all? if he seems to be drifting to the side, or floating a bit almost upside down he has swim bladder. boil a frozen pea and then remove the outside "peel" or shell of the pea. squish it a bit between your fingers and feed it to him. you may have to do this by hand or with tweezers. the pea will clear out his system kind of like a laxative if ur constipated. xD it should take effect fairly quickly. another thing: test for nitrites and ammonia, if you see any, do a 50% water change and add some seachem prime. should help! ill keep ur poor little guy in my prayers. good luck!

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1st thing u should look at is always a water quality issue..
Need more info..
Size of tank?
Water test results?
Forget the pea for now..thats another option but water quality should be the 1st port of call as such..

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