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My betta just got his water changed & is now acting strange. He’s scared, his color change from purple/blue to a strips, stays in one corner or if we get close he swims rapidly to the bottom, back up & then all around & he won’t he won’t eat. I realized after 3 days that I only used "Nitrate Cycle"(a substitute for "good bacteria"), but I had no conditioner. But, I went & picked up & put in the conditioner, "BETTAFIX" Medication, & "Mardel" Master Test Kit. I don’t know what else to do. I just want to try & reverse the tank to optimal conditions for my betta the way it was when he was happy!
Hey, while writing this very forum, I looked up & he seems to be doing a little better @ this very moment.
But, what should I do if he isn’t really better? Where did I go wrong?
Thank you for reading & any suggestions will be appreciated.

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First, STOP using the bettafix. It does something to the bettas labyrinth lungs and can kill him. If the tank is filtered (which it should be even though many say otherwise) then add carbon to the filter to remove the medications. Make sure to use a water conditioner every time you do a water change. If you don't have any then don't do a water change until you can get some. It is very important since the chlorine and heavy metals in tap water can kill your fish. Rarely bettas need medication. Dosing the tank with 1 tsp. of 100% pure salt (aquarium salt is best) per gallon of water just one time will usually be all your betta needs to become healthy again. This time your problem is most likely from the lack of water conditioner with the water change and unnecessary medications.

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