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my betta wont swim ...

I had my betta fish for about a month and he used to swim around all the time and even jump out of the water. For two days he didnt eat and his not swimming around I know hes alive because his fins are moving. I change the water once a week. It is a small tank. I have attached pictures of the fish tank and also of the food and the stuff I put in the water to make it safe for him.Can anyone help me because I have two fish tank with bettas and the first one was never swimming around really and he didnt eat for two days and died. I really don't want this one to die.

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My answer just got deleted, so please read the following link:
http://www.myaquariumclub.com/the-nitrogen-cycle-for- beginners-358.html

Without a working nitrogen cycle, the Betta will have a weak immune system and be vulnerable to diseases and parasites. In addition, a small aquarium is somewhat difficult to maintain in a healthy condition. A 20 percent water change every three days will help. Also try to feed the fish no more than gets eaten in a couple of minutes.

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Hope this helps.

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