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My black mollies have white cottony looking spots on their bodies. It's not ich. I have used amoxicillin to help. It clears it up for a while but comes back. Any ideas?
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Flexibacter read this
Mollies and Bettas are byfar the worst to get this infection

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Mary Russo

I have a black molly with the same problem (little tiny white spots everywhere). I went to Petsmart to get something called MarOxy and follow the directions per gallon tank and when I asked some at the store about it and gave them the discripition what the spots look like they told me it was Ich. So instead I got Maracide. I hope it works I used it today according to the directions. I hope your Molly is doing better. Mary PA

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when using that medicine make sure you check your water everyday. I used some medicine for my fish and it mentioned I might have water changes boy were they right my fish started dying from not enough oxygen i checked ad my ammonia was way up so were the nitites so plse be careful bc it helps one thing and could hurt another good luck

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Hi mollys can tolerate aquarium salt so maybe frequent water changes and salt should prevent disease , it also helps bettas, they like brackish water heres a link http://www.molly-fish.com/

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