My Black Moor Goldfish, Hagrid, likes to lie upside down on the bottom of t...

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My Black Moor Goldfish, Hagrid, likes to lie upside down on the bottom of the bowl. I've had him for about 8 weeks now and he lives with another goldfish. When I touch him he swims around but its more of a spiral. He spirals around for a few minutes then falls back to the bottom of the tank. The bowl is 14 litres. I use JBL Novo Red flakes for their food. When I change their tank water every month I put in the recommended dosage of API Goldfish protect and API Goldfish aquarium cleaner. I also put in some API aquarium salt. I change two or three litres of the water once a week. The water tempreture is normally at 15 C or 68 F. I don't have the tools to measure anything else. He seems to be breathing really fast. What can I do to help Hagrid?

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Keeping a goldfish in a bowl is really cruel and often leads to premature death. Ideally he should be swimming in a 250 litre tank. Your tank seems to not be cycled, could you get a freshwater test kit and give me the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels along with ph levels?

Do frequent water changes, more than once a week. Sorry to say but this fish might die.

Please don't replace him unless you can get a 250 litre or bigger

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You need a MUCH bigger tank ASAP. A 14l (3g) bowl is NOT suitable for any living creature, especially goldfish. I strongly suggest returning both goldfish to where you purchased them and spending some time researching the fish you may be interested in keeping and their requirements. Please read he Goldfish 101 article below and ask any questions:

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