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their big bubble eyes & black velvety skin is why i bought a fish tank to begin with. i bought a ten gallon & thought that i was going to fill it with all these little bubble eyed buddies. well, after 48 hours i eneded up with a dead fish but noticed the tragic signs almost immediately. i set up my tank & added my fish after about an hour. started to see him change in behavior. i eneded up on a goldie forum & researched signs & symptoms. i have learned a good bit about fish keeping, & can spot somethings that people around me dont even notice. there is so much more to learn & i want to give my little fatties the best life that i can give them.

my fist black moor is my favorite fish ever. i talk about him like i talk about my child! he is spunky & when i go to the tank he is about the only one who pays me any attention. he will even eat from my fingers sometimes! he dies all kinds of flips & things. he used to swim under the filter where the water would crash into the tank & the force would roll him & he would just keep going back. he is my playful one! i love him. his name is sheldon & he loves strawberries.



my second black moor i seen late one night at walmart. he was about the only one left in the tank who looked like he still had life in him & that is why i took him. before he ended up looking like the others. he still acts strangely though & he worries me.


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