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Hi, this is my ten gallon aquarium. The brand is Marineland, and it is currently running a Marineland 100b filter (Biowheel) The current inhabitants include:

1 Cambodian Male Betta

2 Mystery Snails

5 Ghost Shrimp

1 African Dwarf Frog

The plants include: 3 Amazon Swords, 1 dying Crested Java Fern (didn’t know the roots weren’t supposed to be buried) and 1 unidentified plant (next to the driftwood, please help me identify it!) Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

Here are the pictures:

photo(1).JPGphoto (2).JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto(2).JPGphoto.JPG

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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