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My fish Fluffys tank is very cloudy but i just cleaned it yesterday! Fluffy is a regular goldfish and he likes to spit water out of the tank!

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failurebettabreede r
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Are you the same person who wrote the My goldfish is very sick...And if you arent i dont understand what you are asking please provide more einformation

2 years ago#3

no i wasnt that person............... his tank got really cloudy after a few hours

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An aquarium is often cloudy while the nitrogen cycle is growing. The nitrogen cycle is very important to fish health, so I hope you take a minute to read this link:
http://www.myaquariumclub.com/the-nitrogen-cycle-for- beginners-358.html

For some more about aquarium basics, you are welcome to look through the blogs listed at the upper left of the page.

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