my fish is always on the bottom of his bowl

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My fish is a 1 yr old now and for the longest time he was just laying on the bottom of the bowl. I thought maybe he was getting too big for the bowl and i put him in another bowl last night. He is swimming a little bit more maybe only for air and food. What can i do for the fish to act more healthier?

Another thing how much should i fish the betta every day because i think i give the fish to much to eat.

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You should be feeding no more than the Betta eats in a few minutes. Uneaten food and other decaying organic matter plus fish respiration and digestion produce toxic ammonia. In a well balanced aquarium, the nitrogen cycle ingests ammonia and other toxins and converts them to plant food.

In very basic terms, the nitrogen cycle is three types of beneficial bacteria living in the substrate and filter elements. Since it's vital to aquarium health and since your aquarium may be lacking a nitrogen cycle, you may benefit from clicking and reading the following link:

Moving a fish to a different aquarium can do quite a bit of harm, because it produces quick changes in water parameters.

If your aquarium does not have a filter or heater, it needs both. Both are available for small aquariums.

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So it means that you have a betta

Firstly though bettas are kept in bowls in many places but for BEST HEALTH and to keep them HAPPY an ideal place is a LARGE TANK of at least 5gal with low current filter as they don't like high currents.

It seems the toxicity of your water has risen.Perform a water change of 30% twice a week.

Feed the betta 3-4 pellets per day

These are the steps by which you can make your fish healthy

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