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I am relatively new to the fish tank world and I am trying to create a happy healthy home for my fishes and snails.

I have 6 neon tetras and 4 small cory catfish. (they are not pretty, but with the neons, they balance out)

My snail population has exploded from 6 to 37. I am a little worried about the number but I know if I feed these guys (fishes) correctly I will get it right and control the population. If it gets higher I may have to hire an assassin, snail, that is. But my little girl likes all the little “Garys” and our big Gary keeps playing hide and seek, much to my older daughter’s delight. I have a feeling that the overpopulation is due to the generous feeding that may be done when I am not in the room. So I think I will hold off on the new smail for now.

At the recommendation of folks here at MAC I bought the API Freshwater Master Kit test.

Right now my PH is between 7.4 and 7.8

Nitrite 0PPM

Nitrate 5 PPM (better than day rates, amirite??)

Ammonia .25PPM

Right now I am changing 25- 30 % of the water every 7-10 days (when I can make it happen). I change the filter (and pick the snails off... manna from heaven they said it was) I have never vacuumed the substrate. Should I??

If you see crazy numbers on my testing above or have any advice, please feel free to comment!! I need help as I only really know a little bit. I look at the numbers above and they do not mean anything to me so if anyone has a blog post about correct parameters of the testing items that would be great. Then again, I may look around some more and find out more info... that is how I discovered all the issues I had before and how to fix them .

THANKS! This is a great community.

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a

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