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jennifer tyrrell

hi there please can anyone help i have two giant mollys and one has been pregnant for some time she started hiding away so i put her in the trap this morning and almost straight away she started laying yellow gloopy eggs she is still laying them now so far we are up to 10 whats going on i thought she was a live bearer could she be mistaken for another fish or is she just aborting??? thanks jennifer x

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She is aborting the pregnancy, most likely from stress from being moved into the breeder box.

Personally, I don't think those things are all that great. The stress out the mom and oftentimes do end up with aborted pregnancies. Plus, the mom shouldn't be kept in for more than the day, and they fry shouldn't be kept in for more than 2 or three days. The best ways to go are to have another seperate tank set up to raise the babies in, to to just have lots of bushy plants as hiding places and let them grow up in the main tank.

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I think your pregnant molly has been stressed out a little. If is in your tank , you have other fish in it you should probably move it to a different tank.

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