My gold fish wont eat or swim itsjust sitting at bottom of tank

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My gold fish wont eat or ...

my black gold fish is just sits at the bottoom. and when i feed she doesnt come has been 2 days she is just not coming up or swimming, but she is alive. my tank is 1foot in height and about 1 n half foot in length . plzz help..i dont knw anything about ammonia content or anything else...there are other goldfish too in the tank

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Hi! How many goldfish? What type of goldfish? You have some serious stocking issues. A 1x1.5x1ft tank is only @10gallons. This size tank is too small for a single goldfish let alone multiple goldfish. A single fancy goldfish needs minimum of a 20g tank. If its a single tail goldfish (ie, comet, common, shubunkin, etc), they need minimum of 50g per fish. You fish are displaying signs of ammonia and/or nitrite poisoning. Start changing 50% of their water DAILY with temperature matched, properly conditioned water until you can either get a much larger tank or rehome the fish. I am sorry but this tank is not suitable for any goldfish, not even one. Also, please invest in a good liquid test kit such as the API freshwater master test kit and a good water conditioner such as Prime. You need to be able to monitor your water parameters (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & ph) regularly. Please check out the articles section at the top of the page for information on the 'nitrogen cycle' so you can understand what is happening in your tank. Please ask if you have any questions!

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I HAVE GOLDFISH TOO but one of them is just lying there
and I just changed the water made it a bit warmer gave it food a 10 gallon tank is preety cool Ive got one too

Hope this helps

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Golddish do not like warm water....the colder the better. I float ice cubes in my tank in the summer time to cool the water temperature down slowly so it doesn't shock their system. You can take the fish out, put them in another container with the same tank water, then add a half a cup of NON Iodised Salt per 10 gallon your tank. Let it settle into the tank about 10 to 15 minutes. Put the gold fish back into the tank. The NON Idolised salt help to airate the water so the fish can breath better.

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