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My goldfish is bent in half... but still moving his fins... whatssup with this?

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Welcome to the forum:
Can you put up a photo of your goldfish? Even a photo using your camera phone just to give better idea of the physical symptoms
Are there any other fish in your aquarium?
When I kept goldfish one grew very pig more pond fish size in the end Anywho he was ramming the smaller goldfish off ornaments/side of glass to stun them so he could swallow them for dinner That explained a lot of funny looking injuries/sypmtoms for me
When I came home from work one day to see him swimming around with another fishes tail sticking out of his mouth I managed to pull the poor fish back out of his dinner plans lol
But had to re-home nemo to a neighbours pond
How old is your goldfish approx?
Could someone have taken him out and accidentaly dropped him?
Ive seen that lead to a bent looking fish that can live for hours before passing away poor things

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WOW ! what a crazy fish. haha. your fish might be bent over because it has a bladder infection or an ammonia infection that ruptured your fish's swim bladder - if that is the case he should live & adapt to his permenant deformity. (which is a loss of bouyancy, resulting in him swimming upside down, in a spiral, bent in half)

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