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My male guppy has been stuck at the top of the water for 2 days now. Originally, I was sure he had dropsy as we was barely moving and bloated but he's still eating and now he's become playful again. I noticed yesterday that he will dart down and try to swim around before he floats back up. He is still bloated but not pine conning, he eyes looked popped but now I'm not so sure. Is there something else that could be wrong with him? Is it worth it for me to buy the medicine to treat dropsy? The only medicine I have on hand is coppersafe, that wouldnt do anything correct?

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It might be swim bladder disease.

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If you think it is swim bladder, cut back on the amount of food you are giving him. Try fasting him a day, then feed him a thawed, deshelled frozen pea (you basically squish out the "guts" and feed him that). That will have a laxative effect, and may fix your problem.

Hope that helps!


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