My New 10 Gallon Tank

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Hey guys! I am currently cycling my new 10 gallon tank. I will move my fish from my temp. tank to this one in 4 weeks or so. The current set up has: a mature live plant at the front from the other tank; in the back left corner, plant bulbs that are growing; and to the right, a large false log thing... I like to aim for natural looking tanks, while some people like Spongebob... The temperature is currently 78 degrees (even without a heater. It’s the lights. :p) and PH is 6.6. I’m getting Ammonia, Nitite, and Nitrate testing kits tomorrow... Anyway, enough with my babbling. Let’s just enjoy my empty tank for now. xD

My 10 Gal Tank The Tank Plants Deco

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • ZachAttack: Looks good! I’d attach the anubias to the driftwood, only because the rhizome should not be in the substrate, the plant will melt.
  • Madeye: Ah, thanks. Never knew that!

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