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LTankInhabittantsCreative Commons License courtesy of mukyo

Hey all! I have just recently picked up a new baby pleco, and it’s incredibly cute! I absolutely adore its fins, and I believe it has ADHD, because at Walmart, it did nothing but swim and play with the other fish. Sadly, it was the only one that wasn’t sick there as well... I have none of my own pics but it looks almost exactly like the two pics combined. So, what do you think? It is shaped like the bottom pic, but it’s spotted like the top one. What kind is it? What sex do you think it is? Personally I think its a female, and I named her Speckles. I hope to have my own pics of her soon for you all to enjoy!

LTankInhabittantsCreative Commons License courtesy of mukyo

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • thea: I’m not sure what you were trying to point out as far as the second picture...body shape, beard, bristles? But the picture is not clear so it is hard to narrow theses down but the choices for spotted plecos that have spots like the top one are: bristle nose, snowball, goldnugget, and tooth nose. When you post an actual picture of yours I would love to help you solve the mystery. What sized tank are you putting youpleco in? Hopefully a big one, even small plecos grow pretty large and large ones can grow a1-2 feet! I was shocked when I saw my first full grown common Pleco.
  • Mooky: prepare your self for the messy fishy of messy-ness
  • Luvn Bubbles: Hehehe...LOL Mooky. Speckles looks like a common pleco like the bottom pic but her spots are closer to that in the top pic and their really bright, and it looks like she has four whiskers, two on top, two on bottom.
  • Joshua The Fisherman: Hey Luvn Bubbles!
    When I was at the pet store yesterday I saw two that were of your description, and they had the blue color/dots on it. They were so beautiful and I wanted to purchase them so badly, but they were $70 a piece...Their names were a "blue spotted pleco" and "blue phantom pleco", but as thea stated, it would be easier to see a picture of youre pelco and decide on that.
  • Luvn Bubbles: Mine’s brown, but she’s spotted, not splotchy like the common pleco.
  • redjewelmonster: I think you should upload a picture of your own plecos so that we can see it as well as decide on what the gender of your speckles :) cute name though! :)
  • Luvn Bubbles: IDK... I think you all would think she’s a common pleco but she doesn’t to me... She looks different from the other plecos at walmart.
  • ZachAttack: It’s probably a bristle nose the way it’s described. Females never get their bristles, males do.
  • Luvn Bubbles: Ok. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
  • JOHNTANKED: SOUNDS LIKE YOU MAY BE THE GUY TO HELP ME, Im breeding BETTA have about 200 babys, 16 days old now. my question is,
    How long do I keep the water level down at about 6 inchs deep.
    and is that depth ok,

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