My pleco began to rapid breath and suck at the top of the ta...

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My pleco began to rapid breath and suck at the top of the tank. 2 days later it is extremely week and appears to have bony tips of fins with skin coming off it. And now he is not eating at all, sits on the bottom and has sunken eyes with white rims. The Pleco has no movement and its if I hold it upright in a bucket of water it blows bubbles but it's gills aren't moving, and nore his mouth. Is my fish dead?

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Yipes! I'm sorry to hear that! Plecos, being catfish, are usually very hardy. I still have the pleco I got when I first got into the hobby. I've made so many mistakes learning the ropes and I'm sad to say, my ignorance in the beginning killed a lot of fish. Nevertheless, the pleco survived!

It sounds like your pleco is very sick. there could be a number of reasons for this but without more information, it will be hard to determine. Is this a new tank? Have you had the pleco for a while and he just recently got sick? How are your other fish doing?

see if you can provide some information on your aquarium so we can better help you.

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