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After 2 weeks

2 weeks after buying my 1st tank and wow, I had no idea how much there is to learn. OK, so there is plenty of great info on the nitrogen cycle, so here’s a simple list on what else I wish I’d known and what I’d do differently next time.

  • Fish are like volatile teenagers. They fight, nip, bully, get territorial, aggressive and eat each other ! Think fish is a great website to find out which fish will play nicely together & will fit in your tank. Also check they want the same PH levels & temperature.
  • It’s time to learn the art of patience, as it will take a few weeks before your tank is ready for fish.
  • Before putting water in, get the decorations etc just as you want it. It may look pretty, but have you left room for the fish to swim ? I didn’t !
  • Do you want a background ? It’s not a good idea to move about a tank full of water, do it 1st.
  • It’s easier to move stuff about without having to keep soaking the place putting your arm in a tank full of water, disturbing what you’ve already done.
  • Look into air stones.
  • Don’t panic if the tank gets cloudy. As long as you rinsed/soaked everything before putting it in, practice patience for a few days it will probably suddenly clear over night.
  • No, there are not 2 bottles of Ammonia & Nitrate in the API master test kit because more drops are needed. There are 2 bottles because it takes both bottles to do a test.
  • Shake shake shake ( no, not your little (or big) **** ! , though of course you can if you choose to do so), shake the test bottles, especially the Nitrate or it won’t work. Something to do with crystals being/forming in it that need broken back down. If the 2nd bottle of Nitrate or 1st Ammonia drops are clear, you’ve not shaken them enough.
  • API master water test kit seems to be the best one. Most fish shops will also test the water for you, ask for the actual readings, not just it’s ok .....
  • This is a great site with great people, full of knowledge & help. Use it.
  • Warning - this may become obsessive and steal hours of your time !
  • Have fun :0)
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  • Newfishmom: Hahaha..... seriously very good. A good laugh with useful information. The arm in the tank of water?????? Have you been watching me! :)
  • Cathie: Yes, I fly at night and spy through your window lol .
  • fish_lover_10: Haha good rite up I wish all newbies researched before they got every thing like u did lol
  • Cathie: Thanks fish lover. It’s a shame that many new owners & their fish will pay the price. Sad thing is, it could so easily be avoided if info came with the tank. Even a note saying - ‘Don’t waste your time & kill your fish - check your Nitrogen cycle.’ Would be enough to get most people doing some research. I think it’s back to the days of winning gold fish at the fun fair, people don’t think they need to do any research.
  • Newfishmom: You have to wonder at the motivation to not let people know about the process.
  • briantheref7: Well done Cathie, all that patience has bee worth it. I knew you could do it.
    Nice one.
  • Cathie: Thanks Brian, not there yet. Just waiting for cycle to complete :0)
    Newfishmom, I guess the people who sell tanks don’t think it’s their responsibility and those selling the fish are more interested in selling fish.
  • Newfishmom: Oh I really love your tank! Very nice Cathie!
  • astaire: Love this it’s so true!
  • Cathie: Thank you Newfishmom & astaire :0) Tank was put together mainly thanks to all the help & advise from Newfishmom, Shannon & others on here. The orange clam is my airstone :0)
  • astaire: Cute!
  • fish_lover_10: I agree Cathie when I’m older I want to open a fish store that does not sell fish bowls !!
  • Cathie: I’m sure your business will do great with so those healthy fish through all the good honest advise you’ll be giving :0)
  • fish_lover_10: Thanks Cathie ?!!!!!
  • Cynthia_085: Thanks. I had a good laugh. I have tank syndrome; in the last few months I bought 6 tanks! My family members think I am crazy :)
  • Newfishmom: Not crazy in my world! :D
  • Cathie: Wow Cynthia. I’m worried it turns into an obsession. Everyone seems to have multiple tanks. I get another at the weekend ! In my defense, it’s only because a neighbour wants rid of one of his. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it :0)
  • Newfishmom: @cathie..... whatever you need to say to make this obsession seem normal and acceptable is just fine with me!
  • Cathie: I don’t get obsessions, I’m a therapist, lol !!!
  • fish_lover_10: laughs lol thats funny!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cathie: Always good to laugh fish-lover :0)
  • fish_lover_10: i agree are u really a therapist or not???????????????????
  • Cathie: Hi fish-lover, yes I really am a therapist. Conventional and holistic :0)
  • fish_lover_10: hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahaahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahah
  • Cathie: I’m sure I can call fish holistic, and therefore I can say they are work related :0)
  • Newfishmom: Fish are definitely holistic. I call my aquarium room my "mental health room" No television, no stereo, no toys, no rough housing, the dogs even have to lie down on their beds! Talking quietly and silent reading or homework. Laughing is always allowed. The paint on the walls is called Caribean Sea, the accent color is ivory. Recliners and fishtanks! Therapy! =)
  • Cathie: That sounds like the perfect room. Can I please have it :0) My tank is next to the must have recliner, though it’s in the lounge. We very rarely watch tv and it’s usually quite at home. At least it is now my eldest 2 have moved out. Maybe it’s time to move to a bigger house so I can have an aquarium room. No, make that a holistic, mental health work room :0)

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