My Tank As Of 5-11-13

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So my last update was over my syno petricolas Fred Jr and Momo. Funny story that.

So my Oscar has eaten them. Yeah. And two little lace cats, AND an ENTIRE PLECO!!!

Okay, so he didn’t ACTUALLY eat two lace cats. I thought he did, until I had my fish relocated and my tank water drained really low so as to move my fish tank. I moved a piece of decor and WOAH! out swam a 6″ lace cat that scared the heck out of me!!!

Well, all’s well in the tank now a days. The Dempsey is dwarfed by the lace cat and keeps out of its way, and the oscar is extremely tolerant of that thing. I’ve seen the cat swimming around blinding and accidentally swim ON the oscar, but the oscar was chill. There’s been no problems between anyone anymore, which proves my theory that my oscar only tried to eat and or bully the new fish for a short while, and then he accepts them into the tank.

I have some new pictures too!

Woah man!

Lace Cat


I also bought two snails today, one Golden Inca snail and one Black Mystery snail. So far it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for them, but other than the Dempsey nipping at the Mystery snail a few times and the oscar knocking the Golden Inca off the glass and me having to relocated the poor thing somewhere it couldn’t get attacked again.

Hopefully things turn out okay!! For more updates on the situation, see:

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