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My Ten Gallon

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image3.jpg My 10 gallon tank

it’s a tropical commutiy stocked with the following, 4 Cory’s,1 Otto

1 mystery snail, and a bumblebee catfish

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Guppies4Life: I can see the guppy in the background! Very pretty! Also, well planted tank!
  • fish_lover_10: He is very pretty! He’s getting old to! I used to have five but SOMEBODY killed them. Not sure if it was me or a fish?
  • fish_lover_10: I am going to get some small amazon swords next time I go to my Lfs!
  • Guppies4Life: Haha! How long have you had him? His blue tail is really nice! I want him lol
  • fish_lover_10: I have had him for about hhhmmm 2 years but have no idea how old he was when I bought him?
  • fish_lover_10: I will try to get a better pic of him!
  • Guppies4Life: Wow, 2 years!
  • fish_lover_10: Is that a long time??
  • fish_lover_10: For a guppy I mean?
  • Guppies4Life: Yes! Guppies live up to 2-4 years I’ve heard! Longer if you take really good care of them!
  • fish_lover_10: I hope he will make it to 4!!!!!!!!:)
  • fish_lover_10: I posted some close ups of him on your post "200 post :D

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