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My wife and I have had our betta for 1 year. While pouring out some water from the vase it lives in into a temporary cup (to clean the vase), our betta was accidentally also poured. From then on, he just sits at the bottom of the vase, only coming up for feeding time. He struggles hard in order to come up; afer he's done, he sinks to the bottom. We think it has broken a fin from the impact of it being poured into the cup. He used to smim around so much, happy and and with energy. He doesn't move much now. Has anyone heard of a bettas broken fin healing or getting better with time? Please help!

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Since you have been cleaning the entire vase, you have been killing all the beneficial bacteria, and that is probably the reason he is not feeling so hot.
Fish produce ammonia, which converts to nitrite, and then to nitrate. It is a whole process a fish tank goes through, called the nitrogen cycle, and it is essential to have for fish to be healthy. Especially in tiny tanks.
How often are you cleaning the vase? The top is not covered by a plant is it? Bettas are labrinth breathers, and need to be able to get to the surface for air.
Does the tank have a heater? Bettas prefer 80-82*F.
Is there a filter in there?

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Hi, sorry to hear your betta isn't feeling too hot. Everything Dkpate said is correct and all the questions about various things are important because bettas really do need those things to be at their best. I also wanted to add that sudden changes in water temperature can affect a fish's swim bladder. It is possible when you put him back the temp was different. I would get him a larger tank(5-10 gallons) with a filter and a heater. Keep his water clean like you have been doing and save the bacteria. I also suggest reading a blog post on this forum about the nitrogen cycle. I hope he starts feeling better for you soon.

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i am totally agree with DK and Megham never change entire water of ur tank..

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First of all I am not entirely sure it would be a fin injury. What you have been advised is paramount - nitrogen cycle and proper set up for tropical betta (heater, filter) but also important is access to water surface, proper feeding routine, hiding places (bushy plants, terra cotta pot, bridge etc.). he might have been just very scared when got poured and now is worried and become shy. Just in case it is some swim bladder issue, you can feed him for 1-2 days only boiled, de-shelled pea. You can also get some Melafix and Pimafix - both are herbal, natural medicines and help the healing process. Fins do heal although it takes some time, they regrow, but it is important he has excellent conditions during the healing/recovery time - water parameters, working nitrogen cycle, proper and stable water temp etc. You may find some of our Top Articles helpful - just follow the link on the top of this page. Water with zero ammonia and zero nitrite will largely speed up healing and improve the immune system of your betta, so it is worth being equipped in test kits. Hope it helps, please let us know how your betta's doing.

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I wish I knew I had 2 male bettas and they got past the divider and the larger one ate the smaller one's fins. The small one still lived and for the most part seemed fine. I hope yours will be okay.

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maybe you can use an stress-out it can heal any wounds on fish and it can avoid swimbladder disorder

I alwy use it after feeding my betta.

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Yes in time fins will heal if u see clearish growth on his fin hes healing

hope he gets well soon

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