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Keeping Fish in a Aquarium is Hobby which is great and common!
Many people are are attracted to aquariums in their tender age!
But some people are very apprehensive against this hobby.
There are various Myths which may ruin your wonderful hobby of keeping fish in aquarium

The few myths which are common and false are :-

1) Maintaining a Fish tank or Aquarium is very expensive


This is totally untrue. In fact the bigger the aquarium, the easier it’s to maintain.
Tropical fishes or freshwater fishes are very easy and cost effective to maintain.
Many freshwater fishes are hardy and easily adapt to new surroundings.
The only expenses that come when maintaining a fresh water aquarium is the fish food, filtration system and sufficient lighting.
These cost are considerably low and affordable.(cost may vary from tank to tank, It depends on tank’s size, type of aquarium and the fishes you keep)
Therefore keeping fish is simple and easy. Maintaining an aquarium with this infrastructure becomes easy!

2) The water in tank has to be changed everyday

Changing water

This is dangerously wrong and following this can actually kill your fish!
The thumb rule is never to change water completely, water change ideally should be only 10 - 20%(max 30 to 40%) per day if you have time or per week.
If you have good If you have a filtration system, then even a month’s gap can be managed before changing 40 to 50% of water( Again this depends upon the fishes you keep. Discus Need more water change than others)
The bacteria in the water helps the fish to survive and changing the water completely may be harmful.

3) Beginners should go with small tanks


If you are starting out with this hobby, never buy a small tank!
Small tanks are very difficult to maintain and you may suffer huge loss due to less knowledge about fish keeping.
You may start loosing your interest gradually due to loss of fishes!
Big tanks are very easy to maintain and the mortality rate of the fish are also low.
Keeping fish(specially Goldfish) in a small bowl is very bad idea, this fish need more space to swim and as there is less space in bowl compared to tank they can die easily!

4)It’s OK to have a lot of fish in a tank

This is sadly, another myth. Fish need sufficient oxygen to breath, or they can suffocate in the tank.
They also need to have their waste diluted and processed before they poison themselves with it.
A fixed amount of water has a fixed capacity to handle these two requirements and only water change periodically is good enough for your tank.
I’ll I want to say is you can keep fishes as per your wish just you should take in consideration the above mentioned points!
Don’t overcrowd your tank( overcrowding here refers to adding such large amount of fishes, that they will be hardly able to move) and don’t keep your tank too empty too!

5)Catfish aka Sucker or Plecos keep fish tank clean


Plecos are not Hunter. They do not eat the feces of fish. It is actually unhealthy for any fish to do so.
If there is Algae it needs to scrubbed out. No fish can keep your clean or clear!
Ya plecos do eat algae! But not feces of fish :P
So it’s highly unlikely to expect the poor fish to clean fish tank for you!

6) Destroying the natural environment

Fish that are for sell in aquarium are breed in captivity.
This fish cannot survive in natural surroundings and putting the fish back into lake or river can actually spoil the surroundings and ecosystem
This fish cannot survive in natural surroundings where they have to scavenge for prey and hide from other predators

Having a healthy fish tank is easy.
If the water conditions are good, nothing more is needed.
If I am wrong at any place please correct me!

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • LWTBP: Nice read. Your 4th point was not was clear with regards to the title and it’s explanation.
  • Lawliet: I’ve elaborated the point! Hope it’s clear now!
    still if you feel that I need to explain more clearly I will!
    Just let me know!
  • LWTBP: I have sent you a PM :)
  • Lawliet: I got It! thanks for your help!
  • fish aquariums: It is true there are a number of myths surrounding fish tank and aquarium keeping.
    In fact keeping an aquarium is easy once you know what your doing. Its easy to find the right people and resources and learn the right way, but try and avoid bad advice.
  • johnarthur: Your blog makes some very good points.
  • homer1: A very good post especially about size of tank and overcrowding
  • Lawliet: Thanks Johnarthur, It’s my first blog! Tried Hard to make it sound good!
  • Lawliet: Thanks Homer1.
    There are lots of myths about size of tank! Poor Beginners go for a small tank and suffer great loss! and some even give up this hobby!
  • TheSpaniard: nice blog
  • Lawliet: Thanks Spaniard
  • Snowman: Where did you get pic #2? I’m surprised those guys didn’t try to jump out. Wow!
    Mr. Goldfish in #3 looks really happy, too. I can imagine that "house" sitting in the middle of a breakfast table, with everyone eating when he has to "let go".
  • Lawliet: I got the 2nd pic from google!
    Goldfish are suggested to keep in bowl! Goldfish need more space!
  • Lawliet: Sorry They are not suggested to keep in bowl

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