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We have a new 5 gallon tank that I set up about 36 hours ago. We have not put any fish in there yet; I have been reading on here about the cycling process. (Also, I do see that we should have gotten a bigger tank, but this was almost free and now we have it set up, so we're going to try it.)

My questions are:
1) Is the tiny white stuff floating at the top of my tank today likely to be dust from the white gravel? And will this clear? (I did rinse the gravel first.)
2) The under gravel filter does not have a pad or anything. Is it because the gravel IS the filter?
3) Do I need to do anything to make the good bacteria grow since there are no fish in there yet?

Thank you so much!

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hi there, glad your in the hobby. to answer 2 of your questions ,
1. theres a real good chance it is the gravel. I use the net unless its fine then use nylon the wife dont use, it picks up everything off the top of the water better than a fish net.

2. as an undergravel user I honestly think a 5 gallon tank using one of these is more harmful than can do good. I would go with either a box filter, also called a corner filter or better a sponge filter.

to your 3rd question im going to have to defer this to the other guys, as I have a few tanks and havent had to start from scratch in many years and no experience in small tanks. I can direct you to these links.
http://www.myaquariumclub.com/fishless-cycling-with- fish-food-flakes-850.html

and this one which goldibug posted a link to the calculator for ammonia
http://www.myaquariumclub.com/dosing-ammonia-in-a- fishless-cycle-17995917.html

wish I could be more helpful. im sure someone else will chime in though.

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