Newly set up Tropical fish aquarium..4 fishes dead aleady ..Please help

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We set up a tropical fish tank recently and 4 fishes already dead.We are really worried.Our pet store people seems to be of little help.Let me give you a timeline of what happened so far.

Mar 28

We went to petco and brought a top fin 10 gallon with filter and some water treatment samples that came along with.Since our kids didn't want goldfish, the pet store people told us, we can still keep other cold water fishes.The asked to set up the tank as per the instructions and come back after 24hrs to get the fish.
We went home and cleaned everything and filled the tank with water (treated conditioner).
Mar 29
We went to get the fish, but now another store lady says, there is no cold water fish other than goldfish can go in that tank.All other fishes need a heater to survive.So we brought the heater and set that up 70-80 degrees temp.
Mar 30
Went back to the store and brought 1 red wag platy(female), 1 sunset platy(female) and 1 yellow guppy(male).Everything looked fine and they were swimming fine.We fed them twice a day.

After a day, we noticed that sunset platy was always sitting under the plant or near the heater while yellow guppy&red platy was swimming.After 2 days, found yellow guppy wrapped around the filter and dead.After 1 week from the start, Red wag was dead and only sunset platy was alive and was still hiding near the heater.

Yesterday we changed 10% of the water and cleaned the ornaments , filter etc.Added 2 more guppies and 1 more sunset platy.Now we had 2 guppies, 2 platies.
Everything seemed normal(still platy was hiding would come only for eating) and were eating good.

Today morning I noticed that both the guppies were acting weird.They were vertically moving toward the bottom and upon hitting the bottom they act as if they gasp for air and swim fast towards the top.We really thought they were dead at some point and when we tap the wall, they will move.Unfortunately by today evening both guppies died.

We noticed that one of the platy is heavily breathing and still at the bottom of the tank.While another platy tries to push or pick on it.

Called the pet store and they advise to change 50% water change.We changed almost 90% water and cleaned everything.Now the heavily breathing platy looks OK.But the second one is acting as if it is shivering.

1.We saw lot of uneaten flakes while cleaning.too much actually.May be we were over feeding?
2.Why guppies died?
3.After water change, platy is acting as if it is shivering and hiding under.
4.Should we add live plants instead of plastic?Will that help.

Please help me I don't want any other fish to die.

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One really big problem is adding the fish 1 day after you set the tank up, i did the same thing when i first started luckily i had very hardy fish so they lived through it, the reason why you should not add fish so soon is that the tank need to go through the nitrogen Cycle which i beleive that they have a forum for if you type it in the search engine, also changing the water so much really stresses the fish out due to adding new water into the tank and filter changing takes good bacteria out of the filter what i would do is if you want to add fish immediatly is

1.) If posssible grab old gravel from a firends tank that has been set up for awhile due to it will hav e good bacteria in it

2.) they do sell artificial bacteria which i like to use when starting a new tank it really helps the brand i use is Nutrafin Cycle "IT IS GREAT"

3.) or you could use flake food to feed the bacteria i would also suggest keeping the heat high in the tank because bacteria grow rapidly faster in a tnak with higher temp

4.0 A water purifier, gets rid of all the toxins in the tap water that is fatal to fish or will make them sick

if your going to use artificial bacteria do as instructed on the bottle and wait a week before adding fish it will help let the water settle

Hope this helps im pretty sure i covered some of it others may have a better response.

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I would say that living plants would be better, they provide oxygen and natural shelter for your fish, plus they just look better on my opinion. Also when you clean the tank, don't clean everything super thorough at once because it will kill good bacteria and start the nitrogen cycle all over again. Good advise by drecino also

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i think that the platys died because you CANNOT keep tropical and cold water fish together , because of the fact that they have different temprature ratings please vote up i wanna be an adminastrator and help even more people.

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fish man

For you to be voted up you need to offer good and accurate adive. If you do that people will naturally want to vote you up thus asking wouldn't be needed.

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If your tank currently does not have any fish I would start a fishless cycle using pure ammonia.

Get a liquid master fw test kit from API to test you water levels regularly.

Also your tank was overstocked http://aquaadvisor can help you with stocking issues.

Do Not buy Goldfish as you will need at least a 30G tank for them.

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This sounds like exactly me 2 weeks ago. Get yourself some zebra danios a bigger tank and some used filter media from a friend. Despite what others might say you can cycle your tank safely with fish in it. Read about cycling your tank online.

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Please try not to bring up old posts as it puts the new questions farther down the page. Also fish in cycles are never safe for the fish. You can minimize fish loss with a lot of work, but any amount at all of ammonia and nitrates is harmful to a fish, and causes damage.

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ONe thing i would say is I am nervous to add fish to my 30 gallon tank but i have calmed all nerves buy getting test strips that test for all things harmful to fish nitrite, nitrates, chlorine, ammonia, pH levels, hardness, and alkalinity. Recommend live plants as well way better and also ads more life makes it more natural. Make sure when you clean it not to use any soaps or cleaning utensils that have been used for cleaning anything other then your tank that is not good. once you put the fish in test the water each day make sure all levels are good. If you do get more add them slower and see how they react (so if its bad you dont loose more money on fish, i recommend buying some like 1/2 or 1/3 of the amount you want total, dont buy all the fish in one day and make sure you have a thermometer. fish are amazing yet delicate creatures. if you decide to upgrade dont get rid of your 10 gallon tank get 4 or 5 female bettas they dont fight and they interact very well plus they are very very very hardy and they can be really pretty fish if healthy (just make sure there are no males they will fight and they will kill others) they are also perfect for kids because of there color and they are interactive not by taping on the glass but by moving your finger in front of the glass they will follow it.

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Cold water can adapt to tropical water. It's tropical that Cabot adapt to coldeatrr.

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I don't' understand what you are trying to say Oscar but please refrain from commenting on old threads. It pushes new potentially important questions down the list and they can be missed because of this.



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Abishek Ekanayake

Did you do a fishless cycle?If not ,it must be toxic ammonia attacking your fish.

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This thread is very old the op isn't been in here for a while

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