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So far I have made two coconut caves. First one was using a 2×2 piece of crystalwort. It has grown wonderfully and filled out the coconut really well. However, I would not recommend crystalwort to those who like a pristine aquarium. As it releases smaller crystalwort that float all over the aquarium.

Todays cave was made with Marimo moss, This should do better as the moss grows compact and flat. It grows slowly so I had to make sure to fill as much of the coconut as I could. However it does not grow roots and may or may not grow to the coconut(mixed reviews on that)

Lastly, the coconut used was from an all natural sherbet the wife buys from a large discount club called Bj’s. Its already cleaned and void of all coconut remnants. First thing to do to prepare the coconut is to eat the sherbet(it is the best part). Second you wash it, boiling for these coconuts are optional. For a real coconut you buy from the store I would.

To attach said plant to said coconut I used in both cases fishing string. Some people have used superglue to attach moss to rocks and other aquarium décor, I prefer fishing string.

First, you need to cut an opening for the aquarium dwellers to go in thru. I used a ridged oscillating tool. *Note that In this coconut both ends are missing, I’ll talk about that at the end. Second you drill(used the smallest drill bit you have) a series of holes in the coconut in a pattern that is easy to follow and guesstimate where the holes will be. Lastly you get a large general all purpose needle(straight works better than curved) If using fishing string the clear tip will be very hard to see so I colored it black with a Sharpieedge pattern

inside holes

Second the plant on top of the coconut to get a good feel for how it will set, adjust as needed. Remember the plant will grow so some gaps are ok as they will fill inmoss covered coconut

I did not use any fancy stitching pattern just went up and down with it. Every so often I would double back on the stich to help hold the corners. A trick to help find the hole is from the underside of the coconut stick the needle thru and wiggle it to open a hole up on the plant side then from the top stick the needle thru

fishing string

And lastly put in tank and enjoy

Finished and in the tank

Lastly you have to keep the coconuts moist. If you dry it out and then rewet it, the coconut will crack that is what happened with this one..

Thank you

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • ZachAttack: Your welcome! Haha!
  • Ebrahim: cool I dea.a good substitute for the marimo moss would be java moss
  • fish_lover_10: Cool I am going to try it!!!
  • Snarggle: Neat! let me know how it comes out
  • puppyhollywood: They’re so pretty!!! You should sell them on Aquabid or something.

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