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Hi folks, hope all is well within your tanks etc.

To start on a sad note is a shame but needs doing, my siamese fighter died a few days which is a big big shame, but he was an old guy, hit the 2 year mark. When he did die I really had no idea on what to do with him and was curious as to what the general consensus was on do you guys dispose of your dead fish??

On better news, I had a co2 kit given to me for christmas. The fluval co2 88g kit, i mentioned it a few times to my loved ones about how much I wanted one and finally my Mother gave in and purchased it for me = happy me!!
Its a great little unit as it comes with everything you need to add co2 to your water. It comes with:- Co2 canister 88g, stand for the canister which also has a lip so you can hang it from the side of the tank, bubble counter that again can be placed on the glass with a suction cup or a lip to hang, the pressure valve to control the amount of gas,a little round ceramic diffuser that will produce tiny little bubbles of Co2 and a meter or so of standard silicone air tubing.

Ive yet to set this up in my tank as I believe my standard lighting was not powerful enough to make my plants flourish as well as I would want so I had been saving for a little while for a new lighting solution. I found a great over tank unit from All pond solutions, which by the way is a fantastic way to get great cheap products. The unit comes with legs that sit on the glass, so basically eliminating the hood set up i had before. The bulbs are T5 60cm at 24watts. There is two bulbs in there, 1xwhite and 1xgrowth red which is to really help your plants get as natural light as possible, Its brilliantly bright and for me is controlled by a timer set to run for 10 hours per day.

Now, back to my Co2 kit, I got thinking that I wont always be home to turn it on or off etc and I cant expect my mum to have to sit there and work out how many bubbles per second it needs and I took to the internet again and started saving again! haha.
I came across a Co2 solenoid valve which again plugs into the same time my light is controlled by. When the power is on (between 12:00 and 22:00) the gas is aloud to flow through the valve and into the tank and when the power is off the valve shuts and prevents the gas flow, bloody genius in my mind! All I have to do is set the bubble counter to 1 bubble per 3-4 seconds and let the plant growing begin!
My solenoid will be arriving tomorrow and I will be setting everything up and planting out my tank on sunday 24th March!

Im going to take a few befores and afters and hope to get them posted up on here.

In the week to come there will also be another new addition to the tank, a dwarf Gourami, more on that next time!

Tell me your views and any advice etc you have.

Thank for reading if you have taken the time to do so.


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