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Does the API master test kit come with ammo lock, nitra zorb API ph up and ph down? I assume not and ill have to get them as well. Is this correct

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Mcfish: Hi, mine did’t come with any of the liquids to fix the problems associated with the tests. I am not sure either if there is a test that has all of that. Check it out on amazon, they have the best prices on test kits... If you dont mind waiting!
  • Snowman: No, Just the chemicals for testing. You have to buy the others. If you want to learn (maybe) something about matching test result colors, I just finished this:
  • thea: No it does not and do not bother buying any of them. They are all a waste of money and actually get in the way of keeping fish. Most fish will adapt to the Ph you have (if you drip acclimate them) and do very badly with Ph that swings–Ph up, Ph down does that-it changes the Ph and then when they effects wear out the Ph goes back to your tap level. Nitra zorb lowers nitrates and you should not have high nitrates if you are doing sufficient water changes and do not overcrowd your tank with fish. The best way to lower nitrates in a freshwater tank is a water change.
  • Randomgirl22: Thank you. Did a parshal water change today. Fish is doing great. Shrimp shed skin and is on moss plant now.

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