RIP, Aurion

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Today, Aurion passed on. It was totally unexpected as yesterday he was playing and being normal, and this afternoon when I went to do his water change out, he was dead. All my water reading are normal, so I am hoping he was just and old fish when I got him and it was just his time. I can’t even express how sad I am over this. I have cleaned out his aquarium and put it where I won’t see it for a while... I can’t imagine replacing him right now. the moss ball that lived with him is in his old tank, so at least there will be a little bit of a memory left when I do get a new fish, that same moss ball will be there.

In his honor, here are 2 of the pictures I was hoping to submit to the POTM contest next month.

Such a beautiful little guy

Aurion Peeved.JPG

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Amber: Oh Wyatt I am so sorry to hear that :(
    I am sure that is the case. They are kept so badly before we get them, often times the damage is already done, and their lives are not as long. I lost a really wonderful fish not very long ago and it still saddens me. Those pictures are beautiful.
  • Bonnietaylor: Wyatt, I am so sorry. You gave him a happy life, while you had him. He was a beautiful Boy.
  • Amber: If you don’t mind my adding that sweet video you posted of you hand feeding him with the little hook was what made me think to try something like that. Depending on what they eat both of my bettas will eat from my hand or from a tweezer. Depp will even jump from the water to try and catch it.
  • Shocker: Omg Wyatt, I feel like I just got punched in the chest. Im so sorry!
    You are so gifted and talented, I know he cant be replaced but please consider all his lil friends that are sitting in those awful cups waiting for someone like you to take good care of them!
  • Leanne88: What a beautiful betta! So sorry! It is so sad when we lose a fishie :( i hope one day soon u will think of giving another betta a home. Poor u :(
  • anneholly: So very sorry to hear this, Wyatt.
  • wyatt83: Thank you to everyone for your kind words. Amber, I am *so* happy that you were able to use the tweezers with your boys, that makes me happy to know that Aurion and I were able to inspire something in people. That makes it hurt a lot less.
    Shocker, Leanne, I hope that one day I’ll be able to add a new fish, but it will take a while. Maybe it will just take a trip to the store and I’ll see a guy that needs a good home that I fall in love with, but right now I just can’t think of it. I’d have to change everything about the setup, nothing could be from "his" home. I am thinking of selling the whole setup on craigslist and buying a whole new tank when I get a new fish, just to have it gone. Right now it breaks my heart every time I see it there, drying out so I can remove gravel without scratching the sides.
    Again, thank you to everyone for your kind words. That is why I love this community. I wouldn’t have been able to have him for as long as I did without you folks, and it hurts less to know you have people behind you.
  • Timedformula8: What is the POTM contest?
  • wyatt83: Timedformula8, it is the Photo of the Month contest.
  • kthorkel: So sorry to read this Wyatt.

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