rosy barb chasing serpae tetra. Why?

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hello guys! I also have a 2 gallon tank with 1 serpae tetra and 1 rosy barb. i have found that my rosy was chasing and catching my serpae but when i after put some food for them then rosy barb was normal and did n't it again. Is it beacause of that she was hungry.

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Hi, the tank is too small and both fish prefer to be amongst their own type. Sorry to say so bluntly. Can you change their environment anytime soon? Larger tank maybe? Heated and filtered? it may be interesting for you to go to and put in your information and the computer will generate some really useful information for you regarding compatibility, schooling, tank requirements etc. And in case your new to this hobby you may want to check out an article in out Top Blogs section, above right hand corner of screen, and read NITROGEN CYCLE FOR EVERYONE. If you have a new tank you really need to read this asap. Hope this helps and please keep asking questions

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That aquarium is much too small for even one of those fish. Overcrowding encourages aggression and also results in poor water quality. For more about this and other aquarium basics, please click the following link:

Please feel free to ask more questions.

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Hi Abhay, is this why you voted negatively against me in the other thread? No problem, but as that 2g tank isn't large enough, neither is yours. A 2g tank isn't large enough for any fish. This isn't bad advice, you might not like it but it is a fact that fish won't survive in these tiny tanks. How they are manufactured I do not know. It shouldn't be legal.

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