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Hey guys! Im new to mac and I am so glad I found this place.So I got a new 10 gallon tank so I am starting to cycle it. A person from my local fish store got me to do the with fish cycling. so I got all livebearers cause they’re my favorite type of fish. I got 1 swordtail, and 2 tux sunbursts Platys. But then I was searching the Internet and I started to see people saying that cycling with fish is cruel but I already started so I have to stick with it. The main things I wanted to ask you guys were, if I can seed from an established tank that has a bit of ammonia and nitrites in it or is that not safe? And how long does it take to have ammonia turn into nitrites during with fish cycling.

BTW my ammonia is .50 ppm, nitrites are 0.0 ppm, nitrates are 0 Ppm, and ph is 7.0

And one more thing is my ammonia levels toxic for my fish right now? Thank You

So... what do you think? Please leave me a comment or give me a


  • Paul888: A fish less cycle is always best, now that you have fish I recommend that you do 2 25% water changes a day and invest in a bottle of prime, prime converts up to 1ppm of ammonia and nitrites so it is safer for fish, this said it took me 5 weeks of daily water changes to cycle my tank, I learnt the hard way. You will need a test kit ( api is best ) so that you can monitor your water parameters daily as anything over .25 of ammonia / nitrite is in the danger zone.
    I listened to my lfs at first and sadly the guy was all about making sales!
    Read in top blogs about the nitrogen cycle and this will explain it to you in simpler terms than I can. Also next time you post a question just post it in the ask a question box as people will see it quicker amd you’ll be able to receive more help.
  • LivebearersRock: Yup my lfs was all bout sales a shame

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