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So here is my take on snail jello. The base recipe is all over the internet, so I took that and modified a bit to better suit my tank, as well as my kitchen. I have two mystery snails in my largest tank, along with a bunch of corries and some shrimp and I was having a difficult time getting the snails to eat, and algae wafers are devoured by the corries no matter when I feed them.

First the ingredients:

  • 1 4oz jar of baby food (I chose squash and green beens for my batches as they had the highest calcium content)
  • 1 1/2 packs of Knox gelatin (plain unflavoured)
  • 10-12 tums crushed into powder ( I used berry flavors)
  • Some crushed fish food flakes. For this we use crushed algae wafers and the whole tank loves it!

Now the preparation:

First thing I did was powder the tums, and algae wafers. I found the best way to do this since I don’t have a mortar and pestle was to purchase a new pill grinder/crusher, and use that. You can put two to three tums in at a time depending on size, and powder them up as finely as you can. put the powdered tums and wafers or fish food in a container and set it aside. I may just be paranoid but I have special Tupperware containers that are strictly for fish and have never been washed in anything but hot water, so I used these.

Next either microwave, or heat the baby food on the stove. If you microwave do it for about a minute. If you want to do it on the stove heat it till it is bubbling. Once heated stir in the 1 1/2 packs of gelatin (don’t worry about making sure it is exact, just as close as you can). Make sure to stir it very well so it is blended, but don’t use anything like a mixer or you will fill your jello full of air bubbles, and well you know what air bubbles would do.

Now stir in your dish of tums and other food. Make sure this is also well blended in. If you would rather not add any kind of fish food that’s fine too, but the extra nutrients can only be a good thing.

For the container to let the jello set in I use an ice cube tray. It makes portioning a breeze, but you could use any sort of container really. Spoon the mix into the ice cube tray, filling it about half full, maybe a bit more if you have a large group of snails. Once all the mixture is in the tray stick it in the freezer. You can also put it in the fridge, but I found it easier to remove the cubes with it frozen.

Once it has set (I left mine for a couple of hours) remove the cubes and store in a zipper bag in the freezer or fridge. I actually quartered my cubes first since we only have the two snails, full cubes would be good for larger groups.

Hope you liked it, and we make some happy snails!


Image credits: momtoangel

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  • rpsp_07: Thank you for that :) very cool
  • Amber: I find it to be much easier to feed them that than trying to keep a bunch of veggies that only the snails and I eat, and it is great nutrition for them.
  • thea:

    Fascinating. I only have pond snail hitchikers that I try to keep to a minimum but definitely would love a pretty snail someday and will be referring to this then.

  • momtoangel: I saw this recipe somewhere else and they said to use non-flavored Tums. I went snail jello shopping yesterday, got everything I needed but no one had plain Tums! So it’s ok to use a fruit flavored Tums?
  • Amber: I use them and have had no troubles. I cant say I have ever even seen non flavored tums. Even the corries and shrimp like to munch them.
  • LindsayHJW: I never would have thought of tums, do they have a lot of calcium in them? I’m assuming that’s why you use them. Good idea :)
  • Amber: Yes they have lots of calcium. Per tablet there is 750 mg of calcium carbonate. Along with the higher calcium baby food it is packed with it. Im also going to try a version cooking spinach, and blending that to add instead of baby food.
  • momtoangel: Thanks, Amber. I have the fruit flavored Tums and going to mix up a batch tomorrow. Thanks again - this is a great idea for those of us who have Mystery Snails!
  • johnarthur: I recently did the same thing but used Knox gelatin. The recipe was taken from another website, so we should at least give them credit.
  • Amber: Knox gelatin was used here as well. Thanks for the info, I said in the blog it was my twist on another recipe, but I was unsure of protocol on things like that. Most all of the recipes I have found are the same besides a thing or two.
  • momtoangel: Well Amber, I made the food today and it’s in the freezer - looks YUMMY!! I did add some flake food, so I’ll let you know how the snails like it. Thanks again!
  • Amber: Great. The recipe is all over the place on the net, but I figured we needed it here, and I threw my .02 in as well. :)
  • johnarthur: In the next few weeks we should have plenty of recipe variations and results to discuss.
  • Amber: Great I look forward to it.
  • Snarggle: Made some today...the fatties are devouring it...
  • momtoangel: I’ve given the snails the jello twice now and they love it! The corys push their way in also, so all I see are snails and corys piled on top of each other! :)
  • Amber: I’m glad it seems to be doing well with everyone. I made another batch and did blanched pureed spinach instead of the baby food and the corries and snails go nuts for it.
  • johnarthur: This stuff really works. Baby mystery snails love it, and they’re growing fast. Thanks again for posting the recipe.
  • momtoangel: I have to tell you, this is a SUPER food! My snails are growing like crazy! Question: How often do you give your snails this treat? 1x week? 2x month? Just wondering if it should be an everyday food or just a treat now and then. So far mine are getting it 1x week and it seems to be working.
  • johnarthur: I poured the food mix in a tray that makes very small ice cubes. After they froze, they went into a plastic bag in the freezer, and the baby snails get one or two a day.
  • Snarggle: Does snail jello go bad if left in the fridge in a covered container? I know fruity jello does not, unless it’s a really long time
  • Amber: I would say a couple weeks in the fridge would be fine. I make big batches and keep enough in the fridge for a week, the rest gets frozen.
  • momtoangel: I keep mine in a zip lock bag in the freezer all the time, then just take one out and put it right in the tank.
  • Amber: I forget to pop them in the fridge and do that sometimes too :)
  • Shocker: I wouldn’t be me if I weren’t ...well, me. So lets say you don’t even have half the stuff you mentioned and still need to make it lol. First I went to the store and found the gelatin and bought 2 boxes (yep, didn’t realize there were 3 packs inside each box) I used a rolling pin to smash the Tums, Food, Algae Wafers inside a Ziplock bag (should have learned from my "smashing aquarium salt incident but no..")Opened the box containing the gelatin packs and must have summoned the strength of Hercules b/c the box literally exploded. Poured the gelatin into the boiling baby food and got insta-clumps. After I added the last ingredient I realized I no longer have Ice Cube trays so I poured it on a medium size dinner plate and shoved it into the freezer... I seem to make my own life interesting lol
    Side note: Purchase clothes pins for your nose. My Cats Nostrils were the diameter of 2 dimes ...I thought he was gonna have a stroke he was so excited. Lock pets in another room.
  • Amber: That just made me laugh so hard. I had to go out and buy everything I used. The pill crusher thing was maybe a couple dollars at walmart, and it works great for that.
  • Snarggle: I found adding tums to water works much better than crushing.mmit dissolves into the water. Oh found out snail jello will last in the fridge for a few months until it gets slimey and has a slightly fermentation smell to it....on a plus side I did get my snail tank set up
  • Amber: I freeze mine directly and just drop cubes in the tank from the freezer.
  • sunrisesoup: This look terrific and I will be updating you as soon as I have tried it!
  • Majicatt: I made the recipe too and added brine shrimp and flakes. I put two frozen cubes out on the kitchen counter to thaw and the cats ate them.
    Second time, I thawed them out on the top of the refrigerator and the cats ate them. Third time, I thawed them out inside the refrigerator and the cats sat on the floor in front of the refrigerator for about 90 minutes.
  • cool: But do snails eat other fish
    and what tip of fish do they eat.
    and good information!
  • momtoangel: Snails don’t eat other fish. They mostly eat algae from the sides of the tank, but of course you have to supplement their diet with calcium rich foods. The snail jello is an excellent choice, as are cucumbers and spinach.
  • sunrisesoup: I modified this a little, but I think I over did the calcium. I read the number of tums and then read the amount of calcium in the tums in my cupboard. I used that number to calculate the number of calcium/magnesium tablets I would need, but I was looking at TUMS ultra, with is 1000 mg vs. 750 for normal tums.
    I used steamed in the microwave dandelion greens put through the food processor (borrowed from my kind neighbor).
    This recipe made for very white blocks, so I didn’t add all the calcium powder I had. I was making a double batch too, because I had that much in dandelion greens.
    The blocks are a bit difficult to remove from the silicon ice cube tray ,but even harder from the regular trays. I did have to melt them a bit to loosen them from the tray. However, Success- the snails seem to like them. Especially the littler ones. and the do not make the water cloudy. The snails do prefer fresher greens, but I think with will help with winter feeding and calcium needs. Thanks!!!
  • Laryl: Can you please clarify.. how many regular Tums should we use?? I made a batch before I read comments and now I’m wondering what the correct amount is?
    I made a batch and put in a little piece and one snail has been pigging out ever since! Must be good stuff. :)
  • Amber: I use regular tums but you really cant overdue calcium for a snail unless you get super crazy with it.
  • Laryl: I have regular so the 10-12 was for regular? so far it’s a hit. I’m not sure how much to feed though. I put a tiny scrap from the edge of the cubes I made, in the tank and it seems like a huge meal.. I’ll have to watch for leftovers as there are no fish in there yet. :)
  • Amber: I would say just observe. A good rule of thumb is to drop some in at bed time and then see whats left in the morning so you can adjust.
  • fish_lover_10: hhhmmm yummy
  • Madeye: I literally just put it in the tank and my new snail is already crawling all over it.
  • meChrystine: I actually have no snails but couldn’t get my cories to eat. So I made this sans tums and now the rest of my fish think they’re bottom feeders too.
  • YooperFishLover: This looks easy enough for even me to make!
  • Amber: Everyone in my tanks eats some sort of gel food or another. I raise snails and they love this stuff.
  • Crazy Fish Lady: Amber I love the simplicity of this recipe and the great nutrient value. I just wanted to let you know about something I found strange. My 2 Mystery Snails and my 3 AD Frogs love it and actually fight over it. I will start putting 2 in their tank. But my Japanese Trapdoor Snails wont even look at it! I thought that was so weird. I have some Trapdoors in their own tank, not even a good sniff. The Trapdoors in with the Mystery’s and frogs, nothing. To each his own I guess~
  • Lyn: I have cories living in another tank with goldies, if I give some of the snail jello to the cories will it hurt the goldfish?
    I am going to the store later and getting the ingredients, definitely making it from now on for my mystery snails, they have their own tank. The goldies and cories share one tank, I have another tank with just skirt fish so far, and another with just loaches. They go nuts for the algae wafers too, will they be able to eat snail jello as well.
  • poisonapple: This is excellent, thanks so much for posting! Another wee question, i have been using cuttlefish to add calcium to the water should i remove this now as i will be adding jello? My ph has been dramatically rising and i don’t want to hurt my betta.
  • Joni: There is a product called Wonder Shell, sold mainly online I believe.... the plain one does not elevate ph. I have been using them for 4 months and it has not had any negative effect at all. Hope that helps. :)
  • sarahlemoignan: Wow. I am going to buy some tums and make this! Will it effect the goldfish though?
  • MedicPanda: Goldfish will eat it long before your snail gets a chance. When I had them together, I had to stick the snail jello to the side of the tank just above the water line. This allowed the snail to get to it while the goldfish couldn’t reach. Just my experience.
  • sarahlemoignan: Thank you. Just got the tums so making it tonight :)
  • sarahlemoignan: I used one cup of water, a big handful of baby spinach leaves. Boiled then used a stick blender to make it into a soup. Boiled it down a little. Added the two tablespoons gelatine, then ten tums and twenty algae wafers all crushed up. Set in an hour.
    Both snails and goldfish fry (6weeks) LOVE it! Thanks :)
  • Keddwar: Amber, thank you sooo much for posting this recipe! My little snail is practically upside down, chowing down with enthusiasm! Hasn’t moved from the block since I put it in!
  • EvB: Thanks so much for this! I’m going to be raising red ramshorn and I’m sure they will love it.
  • Mrs.Eddins: Awesome. My snails (bought 2 from Wal-Mart because I randomly rescue these poor babies from time to time) and come to find out (from 40-50 snails there were available in that foot x foot x foot cube tank) I chose a pair. She laid a clutch and I couldn’t bear to get rid of it while I was pregnant myself. Now there’s at least 80 babies that have completely depleted the calcium build up there was in the tank. I can tell the adults are starting to have softer shells. Fortunately, I have everything here!! Making some now. Put a tum in the tank, after swishing it so it didn’t have bubbles, and the female went right to it. Quickest I’ve EVER seen her move, EVER. Thanks so much for the recipe
  • sunrisesoup: Since I started using the jello cubes, I have had a terrible time keeping the Ph in balance! I lost most of my snails, had to do huge water changes, and it has taken a few months to get back to happy and breeding snails. I am sure there are several factors here, but be very careful with the jello-food and check your water often.
    Also, you don’t need to have a ‘pair’ to breed snails. Just one can lay fertile eggs- surprise :) nerite snails will not breed in fresh water, and mystery snails lay eggs out of the water, so if you have too many snails, you may want to switch to there types from the ramshorn that breed like MAD.
  • Amber: Sunrise there is nothing in the jello that would affect your ph. Something called old tank syndrome however will. It is remotely possible that if there is way too many tums in it some of the calcium could leach into the water column but this wouldn’t have any affect on ph either with the minimal amount it would be.
    Also mystery snails (pomacea diffusa) do need a male to fertilize eggs, however the female does not always immediately lay those eggs.
  • Mrs.Eddins: yea, I don’t think I got snails, I got mini underwater rabbits these guys are at it all the time. I looked for the man parts when I caught them the first time. It’s definitely there lol snails loved this recipe btw thanks again
  • Mmsculpture: This is great. i’m going to try it!
  • Amber: do you just drop it into the tank? will baby snails eat it? im freaking out a bit just counted over 50 snail babies what do you do with them??
  • Amber: Baby snails will eat it too yes. I just drop it in the tank, and take it out a few hours later.
  • katie: How long can I keep a cube I’m for? I got snails today and had already made the jello so I was able to give it to them right away. They nibbled at it but now all 3 are back in their shells. Should I take it out? Should I wait until morning incase they want to nibble over night. I have not been successful with snails in the past and I realized my water may be a little too soft for them. I put in the cuttlebone and also a hello cube so I’m hoping it will sustain these guys. If not, I’m giving up on snails and blaming the water since I actually did research this time around.
  • Amber: I feed usually during the day, but snails are the only thing in that tank. If you have fish I would drop the food in overnight and take it out in the morning.
  • EvB: I put snail jello in a little ceramic dish made for reptiles. It helps contain the mess. I leave it for about 24 hours and then suck out the crud left over which by then is mostly snail poop. Gross - i know - but that;’s snails for you, and the dish is certainly cleaner than just using the gravel.
  • Mmsculpture: So I made this fancy snail food for my tanks. I have apple, nerite, and rams horn snails. Nobody ate it! What did I do wrong? I used pea baby food, berry tums, and omega fish flakes.
  • nazira03: I tried this awesome recipe, but changed out a few things. Strangely, I don’t have snails, but I made this for my corries and other bottom dwellers to nibble on. I didn’t use the tums. Also, a way to save clean dishes is to put everything in a heavy duty ziplock baggy, then just use your hands to ‘Mix’ it. Then to put it in the ice cube tray, just snip a corner of the baggy and use it like a icing bag. After your done, simply throw the bag away. No mess, no dishes. I did that and it saved me from dirtying up lots of dishes.
  • debcc: I broke down and made this for the first time — fed it to my tanks this morning. It’s getting mixed reviews. I must say it’s a little insulting when even the fish & snails turn up their noses at my cooking! LOL
  • Amanda: My snail doesn’t really like the jello, is there anything else I can try?
  • johnarthur: It’s not actually Jello like you may have for dessert, but it does have a gelling ingredient. Try feeding some raw broccoli, but don’t let it spoil in the aquarium.
  • shannel: great recipe!! Just a simple question, how much baby food did you use? We dont use oz where I live. Is that 1.4 oz? 1/4 oz? 1 1/4 oz? I can’t work it out lol and I’m desperate to make this cool recipe for my snails, so could you please help me out?
  • Amber: It’s one 4 Oz jar of baby food.
  • dynki: Ok, I scrolled through trying to find this but I’m impatient late at night.
    My question; can other fish eat this? I have two mystery snails in my tropical community tank. Oh, and one betta...
    I would like to make this but I don’t want to hurt my other fishies.
  • johnarthur: Some fish really like snail gel, and I’ve never seen a fish get sick from eating it.
  • gigilish: I tried making snail jello and it all came apart right away in the tank and I had to clean my tank out. What did I do wrong.
  • momtoangel: I make mine in the silicone "dog shaped" ice cube trays and FREEZE it. Then pop them out and store them in a zip lock bag. It only takes a few minutes for it to thaw enough to cut the piece into sections and put in the aquarium. Between my snails and cory cats, the pieces are gone before they have a chance to break up in the water. Gigilish: if yours made a mess, maybe it was too watery when you froze it? The mix has to be kind of on the thick side. I always make a double batch when I do make it. I also add fish flake food to mine and crushed up shrimp pellets. My old coffee grinder does all the hard work crushing the algae wafers, tums, flakes, and shrimp pellets!
  • Amber: As momtoangel said there was likely too much water, and not enough food and gelatin. It takes a bit of practice.
  • Utmu: Any idea as to whether this is good for shrimp? I know you mentioned that your shrimp munch on it as well, but is it as good for them as it is for snails? I know shrimp need calcium for their shells.
  • johnarthur: The following link may be helpful:
  • Amber: It depends on the type of shrimp I think. Filter feeders need special food. Shrimp like cherry shrimp do well with this food, but you won’t need all the extra calcium.
  • Utmu: Thanks to you both!
  • Blake: Is it 14 oz or 1.4?
  • Blake: How long should they set in the freezer
  • Blake: I made the Jello and the snails LOVE IT thank you so much! :D
  • steph925: Going have to try this now that I finally got some mystery snails :)
  • Moon: Aloha,
    How many veggie wafers do you use???? How much Fish food????
    Thank’Ya KindlY
  • Moon: I figured about a teas. of ea. Hope that wuzNT to much. I made a 7oz of baby food batch. Carrots have 4% calcium as well - just an FYI. Let me know ... tnx
  • A-Port: Hi! Thanks for this recipe. We have had our snail for about five months. He is super active, but recently stopped eating pretty much everything. He has been floating, and I worried he was dead several times, as he was sort of hanging out of his shell listlessly. I made the snail jello tonight and he is all over it. I’m so happy to see him nomming! Thanks Amber. My betta even tried to eat some.
  • Joni: This is wonderful food! Happy to hear it is helping.....
  • Randomgirl22: This is great thank you.
  • eFISHient: Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to try it for my two Apple Snails!
  • Elicia: I am so excited to read this! Wonderful!!
    my questions are these:
    Does this effect GH at all? ( I’ve been working so hard to keep my water maintained)
    To clarify- you said it does NOT effect ph right?
    Is there any type of fish that should not eat this "jello"?
    Thank you for your effort for all of us!
  • Jo: I am trying to find out if this sinks as I assume when you pop it in frozen it will float or will it then make its way to the bottom of the tank? Thanks
  • CarLey: I put it in a glass with a bit of tank water till it thaws. Then put it in the tank and it sinks.
  • Jo: Ok thanks 😊
  • Lion: Cool!!
  • Patti: Hi, I’m enjoying reading your info on mystery snails. I bought 25 Japanese Trapdoor snails for my pond this summer. I took 5 out of the pond on Friday and took them to my classroom aquarium for my Kindergarteners to watch. On Tuesday, the kids found an additional 10-15 snails. I had bought the Trapdoor knowing that they weren’t big reproducers, and was caught off guard when this happened. The kids love them. But obviosly, I want to be sure I’m feeding the entire crew, plus the dozen glow fish and smaller tetra fish. It’s only a 20 gallon tank. Anyhow, in reading your posts I was wondering if your snail gel is something I could try for my trapdoors? Or is there something else that would be better? Thank you very much.
  • Fishfur: I expect they’d love the jello. I have Trapdoors too, in with my Mystery snails and while they don’t have a lot of babies compared to Mystery snails, they have enough of them. Cute little things, like tiny moving turbans. I feed mine a lot of sinking algae or seaweed based pellets, which they appear to love and are easy to get and feed. Cobalt brand sinking spirulina pellets and Hikari Seaweed pellets for herbivores, both are relished by all the snails and other bottom feeders too. I feed them about four times a week, and try to give an amount so there is none left over the next morning, or about 12 hours later.
  • Patti: Thank you so much. I feel fairly knowledgeable about many pets.. but relatively nothing on snails! Thank you so much!
  • Cleigh: Are tums the only brand you use?
    What about Rolaids?
    And has anyone tried mint flavored?
  • Fishfur: I’d never use Tums or Rolaids or anything like them for snails. They have sugar, flavours and colours in them, which snails do not need and should not have. Genuine peppermint oil is often used for mint flavours and while it’s fine for us, it can be quite strong and might cause problems. Fake colour and flavour are just more chemicals they don’t need. I very much wish fake flavours and colours would be banned from use entirely. They’re not good for any living thing.
    Some people feed their snails various calcium supplement tablets though. Possibly more expensive than Snail jello, but no sugar or fake flavour/colour. They have other things snails don’t need, like magnesium stearate, as well as binders that help the tablet stay together. I saw a little experiment someone ran on several brands of calcium tablets to see which ones snails would eat. There was little difference between most brands, as I recall. The Jello would be eaten with a lot more enthusiasm than any calcium tablet.
    Fish vacation feeder blocks are also a good alternative and can be made at home, which is much cheaper than the commercial versions. Every snail I’ve ever had loves munching through the calcium block to get the tidbits of food inside it. The blocks are made of pure calcium sulfate,
    ( aka gypsum) and that’s what Plaster of Paris is made from. Get some Plaster of Paris and make your own blocks.
  • nyleve: Fishfur, I sure hear you on the fake flavours and colours... I got some new anti-statins and they are dyed a deep blue, the same colour as the border to the right on these pages. My tongue turns blue when I take them. WHY, WHY, WHY!
    Also, my fish do not care whether their flakes are red or green or purple or plain brown. Why must we colour that????
  • Fishfur: Anti statins ? And I object pretty generally to fake anything in food. Bad enough what we do to raise it.
  • suesblues: What are tums?
  • Carley: Antacids for indigestion
  • suesblues: Ah thanks CarLey, I keep hearing about tums and didn’t have a clue what they were
  • Snail lover: Trying it in the morning. Thanks for the easy recipe. I heard someone say they added honey to a recipe. Is that safe? I also have a Betta fish.
  • Carley: I wouldn’t. Snails don’t need sugar.
  • Snail lover: Thank you. The honey is out of the receipe.
  • Sue: Hi. I live in Australia and have not heard of some of the ingredients for your jello. Could you please let me know via email, which is easier for me to get, what tums are and does the gelatin have to be Knox or just plain and unflavored?
    Thanks for any help

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