Snails in my guppy tank good or bad?

So I have a 14 gallon guppy tank with 50 some odd guppies in it. Before anyone freaks out most are in varying stages of stages of growth. When they get bigger I give them away.
Anyways I had added a second plant to the tank the other week and it must have had some hitchhikers because now I have some snails. Is this a bad thing?
I have removed some just by picking them out and tried the lettuces in a jar and the momma guppy likes it better than the snail do.
So should I worried about getting them all or just gab them out as they get bigger?

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Snails are fine. They only really become a problem aesthetically if the snail population has a boom, usually due to overfeeding. But they will not harm your fish or cause any water quality problems. They can be a good cleanup crew since they eat most types of algae and leftover food.

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After a couple months my snails have all but been eradicated. I did not intend on killing them off but it is no heartache that they seem to be gone. I did a tank swap and this tank now houses Skirt Tetra who by the way would snack on snails every now and then. With every water change I scrub the glass, wipe off alga from plants with my fingers and do a light gravel vac. If they are not gone they are at least being held at bay.

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