So, my fish Fluffy is bobbing at the top for air. he isnt dead, he is just ...

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So, my fish Fluffy is bobbing at the top for air. he isnt dead, he is just getting air as far as im concerned. is this normal behavior? secondly, everytime we clean his tank, over night it gets cloudy. i need some help with these questions! (:

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What type of fish is it? Have you got an air stone? And the cloudiness might be dirt in the aquarium in the gravel. You can clean the gravel.

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im pretty sure Fluffy is just an ordinary goldfish. we dont have an air stone. and we dont have any gravel in the tank, just a Spongebob house and a fake plants

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How big is the tank?

Goldfish are very messy fish. My first guess is that you are having a water quality issue. Does your tank have a filter?


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The tank is 5 gallons. We dont have a filter or anything.

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I would invest in a small "hang on back filter" for your 5 gallon tank. You can pick one up at Walmart. They have replaceable carbon filter cartridges that you place inside the filter with another white bio-filter (included with the filter system). For a small tank like yours, the filter return is probably enough water circulation and an air stone may not be needed. FYI - Goldfish are a constant battle. They are such messy water polluters and if you don't keep the water quality sufficient, they will develop orange/reddish spots due to damage from ammonia toxicity and eventually die. Also plan on doing a 10% water change every week with either distilled water that has freshwater aquarium salt dissolved in it, or properly conditioned tap water. If you keep up this routine you will have nice big goldfish that will live for years. I have two fancy goldfish that I bought as babies that now have incredibly beautiful coloring and are as big as softballs, but believe me, they are a lot of work.

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A 5 gallon gank is not big enough for a goldfish...they need 20 gallons for onr baby goldfish!
Even with a filter u will have no luck with that at all,the ammonia levels will be sky high..10% water changed would be no where near enough..
U need a bigger tank. There growth will be severly stunted,they will live in constant toxic soup and they will die quite quickly like this.
No need for salt at all..the freshwater label gives it away..not saltwater or brackish..fresh.
Bigger tank or different fish.

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I have 2 Blackmoor's in a 6.5 gallon tank. I do a 20% water change every 2 day's. I also have a airstone/sponge filter. If i dont do the waterchange they sit at the bottom of the tank on the third day. water change is REEAALLYY important for a small tank with goldfish. As the other poster said, get a filter to help with the water condition and areation of the water (gold fish need well oxegenated water) and also consider upgrading the tank size if you want to get some years of pet ownership

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